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feel@home: V-ZUG at Swissbau 2018

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From 16 to 20 January 2018, Swissbau, Switzerland’s largest building trade fair, took place in Basel. As a Theme Partner, we were represented with numerous innovations and highlights. Allow yourself to be inspired by the attractive world of V-ZUG and take a look back at an eventful week at the fair.

Our new home sparkles with its elegant and exclusive design. Kitted out with exquisite materials and premium household appliances, every visitor immediately felt at home here.

Take a look at our video series and see what our new home looks like for yourself, find out what feel@home means to us and visitors, and discover which product highlights await you in 2018.

Day 1 – Our new home

The doors opened this morning and the housewarming party is already in full swing. The first guests visited our new home at Swissbau today, full of excitement and anticipation. This sense of anticipation and enthusiasm is also shared by the whole team at the stand. Stand manager Christian Bacher gave us a warm welcome and is delighted that – after months of planning – we are finally able to show the V-ZUG home to all interested parties. Our management board didn’t want to miss out on the housewarming party either. Find out what they are looking forward to and what feel@home means to them in our first video – hot off the press from Swissbau.

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Day 2 – The joy of home

The hob in the kitchen, the REFRESH-BUTLER in the bedroom, the wine cooler in the garage – meet this year’s innovations, incorporated into a cosy living area and presented in a real-life environment at Swissbau. Our field service representative Eros and Alex can’t wait to greet his customers in the new V-ZUG home and show them this year’s highlights. See for yourself how a cosy atmosphere creates a sense of well-being and how happy our employees and visitors are to share this feeling with others.

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Day 3 – What visitors say

«Feel@Home» astounds our customers at Swissbau 2018 in Basel. Our house with themed rooms, which each contain dedicated product innovations, allows the stand to take on its own distinct character.
«With V-ZUG, you actually always feel at home,» states our customer Raffael Brogna from general contractor Priora Generalunternehmung AG. According to him, exclusivity, constancy over the years and innovative new appliances are the features that make V-ZUG unique. «People simply enjoy coming to you,» adds Raffael Brogna in conclusion. «For years, V-ZUG has set itself apart with innovative appliances and as a premium brand. It’s fantastic to have a partner like this,» explains Roger Neukom from the Management Board of Neukom Engineering AG.

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Day 4 – guided tour

At a house-warming party, the host and guests look forward to having a good chat and enjoying a pleasant time together. And naturally, a tour of the new house is an absolute must. Are you already keen to see what our new V-ZUG home looks like? Then accompany us on a little tour through the different rooms and be inspired by the carefully-selected materials and the elegant design. Step right this way…



Day 5 – Behind the scenes

From the very first idea through the planning stage to the completion – building a house is a genuine challenge. After several weeks of intensive graft, the work is finally finished and it is time to marvel at the result. Behind the scenes, the strenuous efforts nevertheless continue. Day in day out, our team is hard at work to ensure that our guests feel right at home.


We take a look back

Glasses are washed, the steam cookers are cleaned and our home is licked into shape: the house-warming was amazing. For a full week at Swissbau in Basel, we welcomed guests and were keen to show them around our new home. Tired but hugely satisfied, we take a look back at an intense and highly successful trade fair. The past week can be characterised by the numerous visitors, interesting discussions, enjoyable moments and a highly-motivated V-ZUG team. The house-warming was an unmitigated success, conjuring up a contented smile on the faces of all those who took part – see for yourselves in our review.

New products which were presented at Swissbau for the first time:

Thanks to cutting-edge inductors, this hob automatically recognises the position and size of the pans. This allows you to place 6 pans wherever you want on the glass ceramic sheet.The FullFlex hob promises a unique cooking experience and makes cooking even more enjoyable.

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The new Fusion hob includes an integrated range hood ensuring plenty of headroom.
This hob makes cooking so much easier so that you can happily focus all your Attention on preparing your meals. The built-in range hood draws fumes downwards from beside the pans and even communicates with the hob.

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For design aficionados with a nose for clear, stylish elegance, we have a new design line in our product range. The handles are made from high-quality anodised aluminium, creating a slate-like effect. Sophisticated engraving on
the inside of the handle is reflected on the mirror glass. If you order an oven with welcome package, you will also receive the latest iPad mini with a stylish wood holder. This allows you to take advantage of the wide-ranging functions of V-ZUG-Home.

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Cooling Side-by-Side:

This stylish side-by-side solution warms the heart: The combination of a single-door fridge and a single-door freezer offers you even more convenience in the kitchen. With its modern features, the new Jumbo 60i fridge offers plenty of space. Combined with the new Iglu 60i freezer, this solution is a design element offering a high level of functionality.

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Highlights: An overview of V-ZUG appliances (PDF)

The products will be available on our website www.vzug.com from 01.02.2018.



About Swissbau – Switzerland’s biggest building trade fair.

This important industry gathering offers visitors not only a comprehensive market overview but also interesting insights into new products and services. For the first time ever, the trade fair has an overarching motto: “Collaboration – all of us together or each of us on our own.” The central theme is digitisation with all of its facets and challenges.


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