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Vreni Cresta

“I want customers to benefit from my presence.”

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Vreni Cresta has been a user support manager for 19 years. She loves making people happy and sees every day as a new experience. Especially with the new Excellence Line.

Vreni Cresta was at a kitchen fair when she cooked an entire meal in a Combi-Steamer. One of the visitors to the stand watched her and shook his head: “You can’t create an entire meal in one appliance – it’s just not physically possible.” The visitor, who turned out to be a physics teacher, had no idea that V-ZUG appliances use the full steaming power of steam and hot air. In this process, steam is directed into the food, regardless of whether it’s venison sausage, potatoes or vegetables. This means that there is no temperature stratification in the cooking space and you can steam all parts of the meal at the same time. Vreni Cresta still has to smile when she tells the story. Especially because the physics teacher’s son came to the stand the next day. He explained that his father, who already owned a steam cooker from a different brand, had now gone and bought himself a V-ZUG Combi-Steamer.

Vreni Cresta, User Support Manager south-eastern Switzerland

Vreni Cresta, User Support Manager south-eastern Switzerland

New colours and simple operating controls wow customers

Vreni Cresta has been working as a user support manager for 19 years. Her job involves demonstrating appliances in the ZUGORAMAs in Chur and St. Gallen. She gives various cookery courses and does home demonstrations for people who have bought new appliances: “I enjoy every day because each brings a new experience. I meet many different people and can spread some joy.”
The steam cookers and ovens from the new Excellence Line are currently wowing customers. The high-quality design wins over customers right away, with the CircleSlider milled into the display and the harmonious colours of the handle and mirror glass: “Women instantly fall in love with pearl”, she smiles. The unique mirror glass colours of pearl and platinum receive a lot of compliments. The new controls are also very well received. The fact that you can organize your favourite programmes yourself, for example – swiping and scrolling is very intuitive for people. Even her oldest customer who, at 83, recently bought a Combi-Steamer, can easily find her way around it. Vreni Cresta provides advice to a wide variety of customers. From singles, who mainly appreciate uncomplicated cooking and the Regeneration function, to an increasing number of young families who want to cook healthily. With a 230 V power connection, V-ZUG appliances are also suitable for rented accommodation.

“I enjoy every day because each brings a new experience. I meet many different people and can spread some joy.”

Vreni Cresta, User Support Manager south-eastern Switzerland


Responding to interests and giving new ideas

The Graubünden native who lives in Zizers enjoys travelling. In her free time, she likes to go hiking, both in Graubünden and also in the canton of Aargau, where her three adult children live. In terms of work, she covers south-eastern Switzerland. For home consultations, she sometimes travels to the furthest valley or up a mountain: “People know that V-ZUG offers very good service. The service technicians will always visit, even if you live in a remote area.”
At peoples’ homes, the advisor always first demonstrates how to clean the appliance: “I’m convinced that the easier it is to clean, the more often it will be used. And with the cleaning programme for chrome steel appliances, it’s super quick.” What they cook together after this is adapted to the individual. Some want to cook a proper meal with a roast, while others prefer vegetables. Even the popular classic, Älplermagronen (Alpine macaroni) – prepared with raw ingredients, without using a hob at all – is always a hit. The 58-year-old has to find a balance for every visit: responding to interests, while giving new ideas. “I want customers to benefit from my presence. People are happy when they realize how easy it is to cook healthily. And I experience this joy too”, beams the cooking enthusiast.

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Every detail is perfected

Is she a trained chef? No, she comes from a commercial background and worked for many years at a municipal office, she laughs. She describes cooking as her main hobby. Even if she has spent all day cooking, she still enjoys watching a cooking show in the evening. Vreni Cresta is just as fascinated by the complex technology behind the operating modes in the new line of appliances as she is by the perfect cooking results. Every detail is perfected. The appliances even measure the boiling point. While water boils at 97 degrees in Zug, it boils at 94 degrees in the Engadine. The operating modes have been taken to a new level: “I love the ‘Professional baking flour-dusted’ programme. Thanks to the steam that is fed in, the bread tastes amazing, just as it would from the baker”, she enthuses. “It’s also ingenious that the soft roasting function can now offer a delicious meal after just an hour and a half.” People are also very interested in saving their own favourites, such as Älplermagronen from raw ingredients. With the Excellence Line, it’s now possible to programme pre-heating, enter the cooking time of the meal, save it – and your favourite is ready.
The passionate user support manager is particularly proud of the fact that she can describe the appliances in such detail that even fans of other brands see value in it for themselves. Vreni Cresta’s recipe: know your subject inside out. Talk to people honestly and respond to them. Be authentic – don’t just sell: “Here in Canton Graubünden, we can sometimes be quite direct.” – Topped off with a pinch of Graubünden charm, it’s almost a guarantee of success.

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