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V-ZUG Ralph Buser Product Manager

«For perfectly cooked cuts of meat, guaranteed»

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With its soft roasting function, V-ZUG has patented the solution for perfectly cooked meat. Ralph Buser, Product Manager for Switzerland, reveals how it works.

V-ZUG Ralph Buser Product Manager

Ralph Buser, Product Manager

Ralph Buser, could you tell us what the soft roasting function is all about?
Soft roasting is an advanced version of the low-temperature method, which involves gently roasting meat at a moderate temperature – generally around 80 degrees. Soft roasting is essentially the same process, but fully automated. One advantage is that amateur chefs no longer need to regulate the cooking temperature themselves. Instead, you simply select the type and cut of meat in the menu of your oven or Combi-Steamer, and the appliance will automatically suggest the ideal food probe temperature. This can then be raised or lowered by a few degrees if desired. And best of all, you can select the exact time when you would like your perfectly cooked meat to be done.

«This way, you can welcome your guests, pour the drinks and relax, knowing that the main course will be ready on schedule.»

Hang on a second: does this mean that I can tell my oven or Combi-Steamer to make me a medium-rare roast beef joint for 8 p.m.?
Exactly! So you could prepare your meat during the afternoon, insert the food probe, place the joint in the oven, and select the end time and desired level of doneness. The appliance will then start cooking at the ideal moment. This way, you can welcome your guests, pour the drinks and relax, knowing that the main course will be ready on schedule. The oven automatically regulates the cooking process to ensure that it finishes cooking at the desired time.

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So I no longer need to select the operating mode or cooking temperature?
That’s right, the oven or Combi-Steamer takes care of that for you. But you can also individually adjust the suggested food probe temperature depending on how you like your meat cooked.

Which appliances feature this function?
All ovens and Combi-Steamers with SE and SL convenience levels.

V-ZUG Combi-Steam XSL Zartgaren

And which time ranges can I select?
If you are using steam to cook your meat, you can select a cooking time lasting from 1.5 to 2.5 hours, and without steam from 2.5 to 4.5 hours.

So that means that I need to choose between cooking with steam or without?
All you need to do is decide whether you want to sear the meat before or after cooking. Then you choose the appropriate cooking method.

But when meat is steamed, it doesn’t have a roasted flavour, does it?
No, steamed meat has a fairly bland flavour. This is why you need to briefly sear it over a high heat before serving, to give it the desired roasted flavour and heat it to an ideal temperature.

What types of meat can be cooked using the soft roasting function?
The soft roasting function is ideal for premium cuts of lean meat, such as a tender beef joint or veal loin. It gives amateur chefs a helping hand, allowing them to prepare cuts of meat that they might not otherwise attempt to cook, safe in the knowledge that the meat will turn out perfectly and dazzle their guests.


Appliances with the soft roasting function


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