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“I always develop recipes for people.” Janine Brun. Blithe spirit and recipe developer.

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She’s living life to the full and, at 26 years old, knows exactly what she wants. Janine Brun enjoys holding profound conversations, and when she cooks, her creativity blossoms. She studied architecture, worked for a year as an architect and then gave up her job to pursue her true dream. “When I think back to my childhood, I see myself with my family in the kitchen. Cooking was always my passion.”

Janine Brun liebt es, neue Rezepte zu kreieren.

Janine Brun loves creating new recipes.

Both of her parents always enjoyed cooking and Janine grew up with V-ZUG kitchen appliances. “Ready meals were never served in our house. Visiting the market and then preparing a tasty meal together was always perfectly natural for my family,” she explains.

Janine spent every possible school holiday and university vacation working in the V-ZUG application technology department. What began as a brief holiday job eleven years ago is now her passion. Choosing to follow this route and plucking up the courage to stop working as an architect was not exactly easy for her, but it was the right decision. “I got a lot of pleasure from architecture, but it didn’t leave me any time to pursue my passion – cooking. I didn’t want to put my ideas on hold any longer – I was just itching to realize them,” she explains.


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For a year now Janine, who was born in Lucerne, has worked as a recipe developer and oven food tester. When she talks about it, her eyes light up and you can see that her decision was the right one. She puts her heart and soul into her cooking. She loves creating new recipes, either at work for the new generation of ovens, or at home for her friends and family. Baking is her passion. Janine has discovered a second family in the form of her team. Here in Zug she feels at ease and is able to develop her creativity with like-minded people.

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Every trial is prepared right down to the last detail.

Janine’s working day begins early. Often the first to arrive in the office, she starts by planning upcoming tests. The preparations are very time-consuming – everything must be perfectly planned, the materials for the dishes must be ready and waiting, and the laboratory automation must be set up. Janine tests the same recipe in several ovens, always searching for the perfect setting. Of course, testing also includes a sensory evaluation – the team tries out all the results.

When there’s a smell of fresh baking, Janine Brun feels at home. It’s for this reason that she feels as much at ease at work as she does within her own four walls, which are tastefully decorated with close attention to detail. Numerous accessories adorn her apartment, and in the kitchen you can find all the baking utensils you could ever wish for. New accessories such as a pizza stone and a perforated baking tray get plenty of use in Janine’s kitchen. “I love baking even more than cooking,” confesses the ambitious recipe developer.

The new appliances make this possible. As an enthusiastic amateur baker, Janine is fascinated by everything that the new appliances can do: “There are almost as many possibilities as there are in a bakery.” The new Advanced Line ovens give Janine pleasure not only when she’s baking – their puristic, sleek appearance is also pleasing to her trained architect’s eye. The fact that architecture and cookery are not so far apart as they might at first appear is also evident for this talented young cook in the art of presenting dishes. “Presenting a meal is like making a construction model: both require patience, a steady hand and an eye for pleasing detail.”

Whether she’s at home or in the food testing lab, Janine always cooks for people. In her spare time, she spoils her guests with new creations; and at work, she gives her all to ensure that the recipes she has developed are a perfect success in the oven. She imagines how users bake with the appliance and which settings could help them obtain the perfect results. Her standards are high: “I want our customers to have just as much fun baking as I do.”

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