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Kilometres and Vitamins

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Exercise and nutrition. Discussions about the right amount of exercise and healthy eating are endless. Healthy eating also plays an important part in the development of our Combi-Steam machines. Read more about our latest achievement below.

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Swiss newspaper “Tages-Anzeiger” featured a story about a long-term study from the US, involving several hundreds of thousands of test subjects. According to the study, the ideal amount of exercise required each day for maximum life expectancy is an hour of light aerobic training or half an hour intensive training. Luckily enough, everyday activities such as brisk walking, cycling or gardening work also count as life-prolonging exercise. Combining the practical with the beneficial: is that also applicable to nutrition? Of course it is! No better way to get your daily dose of vitamin C than with regular helpings of fresh fruit and veg. The crux: Vitamins and minerals are often lost during the cooking process. So does this mean a diet of raw vegetables and vitamin supplements then? Not at all! Major technological advances have been made by the leading manufacturers of cooking utensils, designed to meet the requirements of all consumers. One such achievement is the reduction of cooking times. And the shorter the cooking time, the fewer the vitamins and minerals lost.
We have thus added a microwave to our already quick combi-steam cookers, and have created the Combi-Steam MSLQ. And what does this mean? The electronically controlled combination of hot air, steam and microwaves reduces cooking time by 30%, while also improving vitamin content by 30%!

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Overheard from the V-ZUG cooking studio: “The gratin is ready in 20 minutes, instead of taking the usual hour. Our chicken is already nice and succulent thanks to the unique combination of hot air, steam and microwaves. This dish usually takes a lot longer to prepare, and thanks to the use of steam, there is no risk of anything drying out.”

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