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Sous vide and other gourmet dishes blog zug

Sous vide and other gourmet dishes

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What does gourmet involve? Incorporating all the senses into cooking and baking.

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As they say, you eat with your eyes. And accelerating the cooking time with microwaves has a positive influence on the colour of vegetables. Take broccoli, for example. The lovely green colour is retained, something that had previously been impossible. For our Lifestyle by V-ZUG Ambassador Tanja Grandits, colours are part of the programme when it comes to gourmet cooking: “Colours symbolise taste sensations. Green is always fresh and zesty. Yellow is acidic, while orange is warm. Colours support the taste.” For Andreas Caminada, the perfect gourmet dish should appeal to the senses, it should have a certain lightness and creaminess, while acidity should also play a role. Basically, a balanced taste sensation. Taste is key! People need to know whether they’re eating a carrot or a tomato, explains Caminada, Master Chef with 19 Gault Millau points and 3 Michelin stars.


To make it easier for you to create gourmet dishes at home, V-ZUG has joined forces with top chefs to develop the GourmetSteam automatic programme.  A number of exclusive menus that are guaranteed to work have been firmly programmed into the Combi-Steam.

Sous vide and other gourmet dishes
Swiss-made and Swiss gourmet, combined in one machine

Good things take time, and that goes for gourmet too. Sous vide cooking – referred to as Vacuisine© at V-ZUG – involves cooking food to an exact degree in vacuum-packed bags. It is a method favoured by our professional chefs, as it provides a unique experience in terms of taste, texture, freshness and appearance. Caminada: “For slow cooking at low temperatures, for example when preparing a shoulder of veal or pork, it runs the whole night through.” With “it”, Caminada means our Combi-Steam, which is perfectly suited to the precise settings required for Vacuisine.

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V-ZUG also has a machine suitable for vacuum-packing the food before cooking: The top-quality vacuum drawer is simple to use and, visually, the perfect partner for the combi-steam cooker. Vacuum-packing food is not only suitable for cooking, but also for storage purposes.

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