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A festival for people and the climate

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The ESAF 2019 in Zug will not only be one of the biggest traditional festivals in Switzerland – it also aims to set new standards for sustainability. As a key sponsor, V-ZUG is making a major contribution towards a sustainable experience on every level.

Image source: ESAF 2019

With at least 300,000 visitors expected, the Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Festival (ESAF), which will be held from 23 to 25 August 2019, is the biggest recurring sporting event in Switzerland. The world’s largest temporary arena will be erected within sight of the V-ZUG production site. But the event is set to be memorable not only for its astonishing dimensions and sporting successes. The organizers also want to focus on a different area: this year’s festival is to be the first zero-emissions ESAF. A major event with an arena, a first-class entertainment programme and accommodation erected for spectators for just one weekend – how can that be compatible with sustainability?

To achieve this ambitious goal, the organizers are introducing various measures:

  • The festival site is ideally located for access by public transport. Moreover, the festival ticket doubles as a travel ticket, thus encouraging visitors to travel to the event by public transport.
  • Dispensing with a festival guide will enable over 18 tonnes of paper to be saved.
  • After the festival, the ground will be reinstated and returned to agricultural use.
  • Sawdust and advertising banners are to be largely recycled.
  • A deposit scheme will be used to reduce the overall amount of waste produced by the festival site.

Image source: ESAF 2019

Focus on water as a precious resource

The sponsors are also pledging to adhere to diverse measures and are making an important contribution towards the sustainability fund. As a proud key sponsor of the ESAF 2019, V-ZUG is taking its responsibilities seriously and focusing on the festival’s environmental goals in all of its sponsorship activities. After all, V-ZUG also stands for sustainable and eco-friendly products. The Swiss company views sustainability as a way of thinking, working and living. The promotional area where V-ZUG will welcome visitors during the three days of the festival will be designed in keeping with this ethos. “We want to promote the sustainable use of precious resources with a particular emphasis on water – the key resource for almost all household appliances,” says Livia Zuberbühler from the ESAF project team, describing the commitment.

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At the V-ZUG promotional stand, a striking, oversized water fountain will provide fresh water for visitors to cool off as well as quench their thirst. To make sure that no water is wasted, the taps will need to be operated manually. The water fountain itself will be given a second life at the V-ZUG site after the festival weekend.

Instead of producing plastic waste, V-ZUG is opting for reusable drinking bottles which visitors can refill at the water fountain. Those who find plain water too dull can liven it up with a large choice of natural flavourings.

The stainless steel bottles can be won as competition prizes or purchased for CHF 5. The attractive bottles will also make a great festival souvenir.

“We want to make festival visitors aware that they can make changes themselves and to promote reuse instead of plastic waste,”

Only eco-friendly disposable plates and cups will be used on the festival site. Give-aways are to be handed out without packaging where possible. V-ZUG aims to set a good example: “We want to make festival visitors aware that they can make changes themselves and to promote reuse instead of plastic waste,” says Livia Zuberbühler.

Find out all about V-ZUG’s partnership with the 2019 Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Festival at esaf.vzug.com.

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