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V-ZUG RefreshButler

“Everything is assembled by hand, from A to Z”

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A butler who is always on hand to provide fresh, delicately cared-for clothing: the RefreshButler fabric care system.

A butler who dries rain-soaked coats and shoes, removes creases from suits and neutralizes odours in silk dresses is something that many of us would like to have in our homes. Mergim Ukaj is the one who makes sure that the butler does everything perfectly. His job is to build the RefreshButler at the factory in Zug: “Everything is assembled by hand, from A to Z”.

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Around 12 hours’ work for one appliance

The 28-year-old engineer attaches seals, magnets and hinges, installs components inside the housing, assembles the entire unit and carries out testing: “I enjoy doing precise work. Building something by hand is rewarding. And it encourages me to give my all for every single appliance. So when it passes the quality inspection, I’m satisfied.”

Refreshed, sanitized and dried

The RefreshButler is an exclusive fabric care system. Just two appliances are produced each day and their appearance, mechanics and innovative technology are checked thoroughly: the combination of a steam function, a heat pump and photocatalysis removes creases from fabrics, eliminates germs and bacteria and neutralizes odours. The RefreshButler is ready as soon as all programmes run smoothly and all the seals and lights work perfectly. And Mergim Ukaj is pleased to have finished making yet another tested product.

A truly Swiss butler

The RefreshButler is designed, developed and produced in Zug, and Martin von Freeden, Head of the Design Team, is proud of the fact that the product’s entire value chain is located in Switzerland. “Genuine Swiss craftsmanship and a great deal of dedication go into making this appliance”, says von Freeden.

Martin von Freeden, Head of the design team

Martin von Freeden, Head of the design team


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Mergim Ukaj

V-ZUG Mergim Ukaj

On the football pitch and beach volleyball court, Mergim Ukaj shows off his ball skills, while in the V-ZUG production plant, he pays close attention to detail. For three years now, he has been responsible for assembling RefreshButlers.



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