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Expert discussion Clean dishes at the touch of a button

Expert discussion – Clean dishes at the touch of a button

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Simplexity is one of our fields of innovation and describes our ambition to develop simple solutions for the home. In a discussion, Silvio Lehni, Product Manager Dishwashers, explains the complex technology behind the most widely used dishwasher programme.



Silvio Lehni, Product Manager Dishwashers, V-ZUG Ltd.

Users want more and more simplicity for the household. The great popularity of automatic programmes is therefore no surprise: fill the dishwasher, start the programme and it’s done. But what actually happens when I select the automatic programme?

Silvio Lehni: The turbidity sensor measures the level of soil or turbidity in the water and, based on this information, influences the exchange of water and the cleaning temperature.

I always find it very abstract to imagine how the sensor really does this.

Silvio Lehni: The technology behind it is complex, but it can be explained quite simply: the sensor receives the information via a light barrier. If the light can penetrate from one side of the dishwasher to the other, the water is used for another dishwashing cycle. If the light can no longer pass through, the water is too dirty – new water is obtained, and the cleaning temperature is increased. The level of turbidity is measured throughout the entire programme, and the programme is continuously adjusted.

Environmentally friendly

For the user that’s great, you don’t have to think about which programme to choose.

Silvio Lehni: Yes. The automatic programme makes the choice for you. And choosing the detergent is also straightforward. Based on the length of the programme (65 to 115 minutes) and temperature (50 to 60°C) you can use tabs, powder or liquid detergent. But please note – the automatic programme is not suitable for everything.


When is it not recommended?

For heavily soiled dishes with dried-on food waste we recommend an intensive programme. The fondue-raclette programme is best for this. In addition to removing stubborn cheese stains, it also cleans pans and gratin dishes with burnt-on food residue. The intensive programme cleans with higher pressure, and the fondue-raclette programme includes a special process for optimum softening of the contaminants

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But otherwise I can always choose the automatic programme?

Silvio Lehni: In most cases the automatic programme produces the perfect result and is the most energy-efficient. If you’re just washing glasses, then choose a glass programme in order to protect the glasses and avoid residue. For lightly soiled dishes you can also choose a short programme.

Thank you for the interview!



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Switch on and be amazed

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