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Sandra Stöckli Para-Cycling V-ZUG Sponsoring

“Good nutrition is really important”

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Sandra Stöckli is a para-cyclist and the 2019 Swiss national road race champion. V-ZUG appliances help her maintain a balanced and healthy diet.

“I love chocolate,” says para-cyclist Sandra Stöckli, “so I allow myself to have some now and then.”  In order for her to perform well on the hand bike, having a balanced and healthy diet is a key prerequisite. “It’s important that I consume enough carbohydrate, protein and vitamins,” Sandra explains.

She gets help from V-ZUG in preparing her food: “I like cooking my vegetables in the steamer,” she reveals, “and I enjoy baking bread in the oven at the weekend.” She finds the recipes in the V-ZUG app. “Sometimes they work well, sometimes not so well, but I’m always guaranteed to find some inspiration,” says the 34-year-old.

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Sandra Stöckli Para-Cycling V-ZUG SponsoringProfile
Sandra Stöckli, 34, is a para-cyclist and the 2019 Swiss national road race champion. With V-ZUG as her main sponsor, the ambitious hand-cyclist rigorously pursues her goals as an elite athlete and hopes to take part in the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo. In addition to training for 20 hours a week, Sandra Stöckli also works part time. She is married and lives in Rapperswil-Jona (canton of St. Gallen).

Sandra Stöckli: Para-cycling athlete with passion and grit

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