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Groundbreaking ideas – thanks to sustainable thinking

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For a few years now, V-ZUG has been measured in terms of sustainability. We met the people responsible for producing the sustainability report. Thanks to this measuring instrument, V-ZUG has control over whether it meets its ecological, social and economic targets.

Even the search for ecological solutions can sometimes be the driving force for groundbreaking innovations. At least, this is what is happening at V-ZUG. Our visit to the two producers of the sustainability report shows that sustainable thinking not only saves energy and resources, but it also gives rise to new ideas.

Kathrin Brugger and Pascal Lüthi, Brugger und Partner AG

Since 2012, V-ZUG has been working together with partner BHP – Brugger und Partner AG to produce the sustainability report. Kathrin Brugger and Pascal Lüthi are in charge. They both note that V-ZUG has a great deal of sustainable thinking in its DNA. “Quality and durability are part of it”, says Pascal Lüthi. And Kathrin Brugger continues: “What’s more, sustainable thinking goes hand in hand with innovation at V-ZUG.” At the moment, work is being done on developing a refrigerator that can reduce energy consumption by 40%. This is due to the fact that anergy is used for cooling – this is like the unused part of energy used in the home. “A refrigerator that uses anergy is groundbreaking”, says sustainability manager Brugger. “And without the management’s desire to be sustainable, we would probably not have come across this innovative idea.”

“Quality and durability are part of it”, says Pascal Lüthi. And Kathrin Brugger continues: “What’s more, sustainable thinking goes hand in hand with innovation at V-ZUG.”

According to the two experts, the sustainability report is like a measuring instrument for efforts made in terms of sustainability. We set targets and try to measure them every year; if targets are not achieved, then you look at why not and take measures. On the one hand, the report is based on internal figures and documents. On the other, the producers also conduct interviews with V-ZUG employees in various key positions. “Only then can we see whether what we find on paper is actually being practised”, explains Kathrin Brugger.

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V-ZUG sustainability report 2017 / 2018

The sustainability experts emphasize that at V-ZUG, sustainability is being practised more than is suggested on paper. Of course, this is gratifying on the one hand, but on the other hand the aim is also to be able to measure and document the efforts going into sustainability. “This way they can be better integrated into strategic processes and they are incorporated independently of people”, says Pascal Lüthi.

The fact that V-ZUG takes a long-term view of the future is an important topic in the sustainability report. With the major project “Technology Cluster” on the V-ZUG site, they are, according to the experts, on the right track to implementing practised sustainability for the future. It is V-ZUG’s aim to one day have carbon-neutral production, for example by installing energy sources such as solar cells on the buildings that are currently being constructed in Zug.

But it’s not just the hardware that counts when it comes to sustainability. It also makes sense for V-ZUG to work together with other companies, sometimes also in the Technology Cluster, to find innovative solutions. This in itself will speed up innovation. “And when it comes to innovation, the ecological aspect is indispensable in sustainably-oriented companies such as V-ZUG”, says Kathrin Brugger.

It can also be the case that environmental experts assess the development of a tumble dryer positively – even if you could quite simply dry your laundry in the fresh air. “People in the western world are not prepared to do away with convenience – so it makes sense to make convenience as environmentally friendly as possible”, says Kathrin Brugger. And in this respect, it seems that V-ZUG is on the right track.

To the sustainability report 2017 / 2018

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