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Beni Baumli Swissbau 2020

Our White Room at Swissbau 2020

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An immersive realm with space to meet up, designed with careful consideration and featuring sophisticated natural materials, a homely atmosphere and a sustainable overall concept: that’s what V-ZUG has created for Swissbau 2020.

V-ZUG AG Swissbau 2020Fresh, inspiring, balanced – that is how I would describe the fragrance of the White Room where I am meeting Benjamin Baumli, Head of Expos & Stores at V-ZUG. However, it’s not just the subtle fragrance of the brightly illuminated White Room that transports me into another world when I enter, but also the materials showcased there – wood, stones and fabrics in balanced natural tones – all of which conjure up a homely atmosphere for me.

Objective achieved, says Benjamin Baumli, for that is exactly what he was aiming for with the White Room. “As essentially a rather sterile white space, the room allows the user to be creative and to try out various different mood settings in an “empty” environment.” I can already see how much work has gone into this space and how it reflects what our Swissbau visitors have to look forward to: a focus on our roots.

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“The preparations for Swissbau usually start about nine months before the fair itself, but this time we started a year and a half before the fair,” Baumli tells me. This is because they wanted to work with an interior design agency. In fact, to deliver a complete and carefully considered customer experience, various disciplines and external service providers have been involved in planning the stand.

“Why?” you ask. It’s because the word “stand” no longer really describes what is in store for visitors to the fair. “What we have actually created is a separate little realm, a space where people can meet and draw inspiration,” explains Baumli. To achieve this unique realm, internal teams such as the Design Committee, Product Management and Communications and Marketing have worked together with Expos & Stores and the agency COCC.

Benjamin Baumli, Head of Expos & Stores at V-ZUG

Benjamin Baumli, Head of Expos & Stores at V-ZUG

“The inspiring result is testament to the work of all involved. Of course, the more disciplines involved in a project, the harder it is to focus on the specific final result,” says Beni Baumli, noting that this interdisciplinary teamwork has been both the key to success and a challenge at the same time.

COCC has made a substantial contribution to the project’s success. They focus on delivering durable designs and are corporate architecture professionals. Beni Baumli is absolutely certain that the St. Gallen-based interior design agency is the right partner for V-ZUG, explaining that “Swissbau was really just the start of our working relationship. We also wanted to create a corporate architecture that we can expand for our ZUGORAMAs, other trade fairs and shop-in-shop concepts”.

Visitors will be able to see the results of this intensive collaboration for themselves at Swissbau from 14 to 18 January 2020. The immersive realm will feature a sophisticated blend of natural materials, just the right amount of light and an inspiring fragrance, and will be a space which reflects the roots of our company and perfectly integrates our 2020 product highlights.

Alongside traditionally presented products, the realm will also showcase digital features and services. Visitors will be able to find out the latest on the topics of networking and digital services in the world of V-ZUG, all presented in a clear and engaging manner.

Yet it’s not just fans of all things digital who will be getting their money’s worth – we will also have an Inspiration Lounge for those wanting to exercise their creative energy. At our Studio Table, we will also be showing you how our devices fit in with different materials and how to incorporate them into your own space so that they look great. Another pleasure not to be forgotten is, of course, our culinary area. Our Gourmet Academy will have their own restaurant where they will be producing fresh food for their guests all day long.

The total area assigned to us at Swissbau is 830 m2. A site of this size means that we need huge amounts of materials as well as lots of staff. As always across all our business units, we believe it is very important to consider sustainability throughout the whole Swissbau project. For this reason we have made a considerable effort to create reusable elements that we can redeploy after Swissbau has finished.

Everything in this White Room project originates from Zug, where our own roots are, and is now here and ready to make a lasting impact – be it the mix of materials, the sustainability concept, the product presentation or the pleasant fragrance.

Swissbau 2020 V-ZUG AGAbout Swissbau

As the leading trade fair for the Swiss construction and real-estate industry, Swissbau unites Switzerland’s concentrated decision-making competence in the industry in compact form at a single location. Every two years, Swissbau provides a source of inspiration, a discussion platform and the innovation radar for the Swiss planning, construction and real-estate industry.

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