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Passionate collaboration

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What sets us apart from our competitors and where does the essence of our brand lie? The answer to this question is provided by the new advertising campaign – created in collaboration with the agency Jung von Matt/Limmat. Roland Graf, Sheryl Kroschel and Andreas Schärer talk about the joint venture – characterized by a passion for detail that makes all the difference.

Passion for details – V-ZUG’s new guiding principle for communication. How has this come about?

Roland Graf, Head of Global Marketing Services V-ZUG AG: The idea actually harks back to the beginning of our joint venture with Jung von Matt/Limmat (JvM). We had resolved to bring our brand into the future and were therefore looking for a new lead agency. The focus on detail in JvM’s pitch completely won us over. They succeeded in presenting us as a premium brand without losing sight of our down-to-earth roots.

Andreas Schärer, Project Director JvM: We had always been fascinated by V-ZUG’s obsession with detail. And obsession should be seen as a positive attribute here – it’s not only the products that are highly detailed, but also its employees who are devoted to the finer details in their work. We are convinced that these nuances make a crucial difference. So it stood to reason that we should use this attention to detail as the starting point for our ideas.

Sheryl Kroschel, Marketing Communication Manager V-ZUG AG: Using this starting point, we were then able to plan the big idea and, from that, the 2020 campaign in workshops with various teams.

“We had always been fascinated by V-ZUG’s obsession with detail.”

Andreas Schärer, Jung von Matt/Limmat


What is the biggest challenge when planning such a campaign?

Roland Graf: The big idea of “Passion for details” is very grand. It forms our guiding principle for communication and enables us to develop detailed ideas for different campaigns, even for our international markets. So for our current campaign we needed to be more specific.

Andreas Schärer: One particular challenge was breaking down the big idea into brand communication and ultimately product communication. We constantly had to ensure that the idea would work internationally with minor adaptations. With the campaign message “Details make the difference” we achieved this. It meets the requirements of a campaign that has an international impact while at the same time differing in subtle details.

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That sounds like an intensive creative process. What phase was the most exciting when you were developing the campaign?

Sheryl Kroschel: For me personally, developing and implementing the campaign was the most exciting time. It was very impressive to see how many people and how much logistical planning were needed to carry out the filming and the shoots. Seeing how an idea – a concept – is brought to life is incredibly rewarding. You see that everything works together and delivers a credible result.

Roland Graf: I found the big picture behind it all equally exciting. For me personally, it was particularly important to successfully continue the V-ZUG story with a new partner. Witnessing how we are laying the foundations for the future was the most exciting phase for me. For something to be really good, the idea, the approach and of course the partner have to be right. And with JvM, we achieved that.

Andreas Schärer: For us as an agency, we enjoy the entire process, from the initial idea right through to publication. Developing the concept was particularly exciting, because we had to work with two different briefing elements. We were tasked with presenting the brand, but also promoting individual products. So the challenge was to find a happy medium that refined the V-ZUG brand while at the same time portraying product features as down-to-earth yet sophisticated.

“For me personally, developing and implementing the campaign was the most exciting time.”

Sheryl Kroschel, V-ZUG AG


And did you achieve this balancing act?

Sheryl Kroschel: From our point of view, absolutely. But ultimately it’s the customers we want to inspire who have to decide. We’re really looking forward to seeing how the public reacts to our new marketing campaign, because it’s so different from our previous advertising activities.
In what sense?

Roland Graf: For the first time, we’re showing who we really are, what makes us special and where all our passion for detail can be found. For this reason, we are focusing on our origins, and particularly on our production facilities in Zug. Previous commercials have featured our customers at home and illustrated in an entertaining way how our products can inspire customers when they are washing, cooking or doing the laundry. With this new campaign we’re going a step further, focusing on our core expertise and connecting this to moments at home. We are depicting where the product comes from, how it is made, and how it ultimately creates inspiration at home. With this approach, we are presenting our brands as detail-oriented, sophisticated yet down-to-earth.

Who are we reaching out to with this new message?

Roland Graf: V-ZUG continues to represent quality, precision and reliability. We now want to show our customers that our brands have evolved without losing their down-to-earth appeal. With a passion for detail, V-ZUG produces household appliances in the heart of Switzerland that inspire people with their design, functionality and sustainability. The new campaign is intended to make this passion and inspiration tangible.

“With a passion for detail, V-ZUG produces household appliances in the heart of Switzerland that inspire people with their design, functionality and sustainability.”

Roland Graf, V-ZUG AG


Impressions from the new campaign


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