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Refrigerators and freezers with a wow factor

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The Supreme Line features refrigerators, fridge freezers and wine coolers with new dimensions. Cooling Product Manager Giancarlo Rossetti talks about a blend of the best looks and functionality.

Mr Rossetti, what sets the Supreme Line products apart from conventional refrigerators and freezers?
The dimensions of the appliances are the most distinctive feature. If you stand in front of them, their size immediately offers a wow factor. And opening the doors makes for more enthusiasm, because the Supreme Line appliances boast a unique design, intrinsic value and high-quality workmanship. We use authentic materials such as chrome steel, glass and real wood. The interior of the Cooler and CombiCooler models isn’t white like in conventional refrigerators, but is an elegant gleaming silver instead. LED spotlights at the sides and the top make for optimum lighting in every corner. With its professional look, the Supreme Line is reminiscent of appliances used in top restaurants.

How do the design and functionality differ from those of other high-end appliances?
The Supreme Line offers a blend of the best looks and functionality. The drawers, for example, don’t contain any plastic whatsoever – just real metal. The functions can be controlled intuitively using the easy-to-read full-graphic display. Take the MonoFridge function, for example: without needing the user manual, you can convert the freezer compartment into a normal refrigeration section or a zero-degree zone in just a few hours. We have fitted the drawers with the tried-and-tested SoftTelescope function – with self-closing runners and a soft-close mechanism. Thanks to ClimateControl, the entire cooling zone boasts uniform temperatures and produce stays fresh for longer.

The appliances offer far more space and flexible organization of food storage than competitors’ products. How is that possible?
The Supreme Line appliances are not only taller, but also offer plenty of depth. We’ve installed the cooling technology on the sides of the appliances instead of the back. That means a baking tray can easily fit into the refrigeration section, for example. With the unique InfinityShelf system, we offer plenty of flexibility and customization options. The shelves can be freely positioned at any height.

A family’s shopping for the week can easily be put away without any planning required. But is it worth having so much space if you don’t stock up on extra provisions?
More space primarily means more freedom. Users have an overview of all the contents and can store their food where they wish. It’s all about the luxury of not having any restrictions. All products can also be reached easily without any awkward rearranging.

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Who have you developed the Supreme Line for?
For anyone who wants the very best in looks and functionality. Those who purchase Supreme Line appliances enjoy keeping all their options open. It’s like buying a car. Not everyone who buys an SUV needs such a big vehicle or uses it mostly off-road. But they are still popular because they leave all the options open.

Kitchen with refrigerator and WineCooler of the Supreme range

The Supreme Line is the response to a current trend in the kitchen area. Can you tell us what the kitchen of the future will look like?
Since a healthy lifestyle is becoming more relevant, the kitchen is also becoming ever more of a status symbol. I wouldn’t say that people will be cooking more often in the future in general, but cooking will be celebrated properly. Kitchen appliances with an elegant design and luxurious features are becoming more important. People are happy to present them to their guests instead of hiding them away.

In terms of size and materials, the Supreme Line appliances are made for that. What options do I have if I want to make my refrigerator even more of a visual feature?
In Switzerland, kitchen appliances are normally fully integrated into the kitchen design. But there’s no need with these prestigious appliances. That’s why we also offer chrome steel fronts and generously-sized handles as accessories for all Supreme Line appliances. You can boost the visual impact even further with a side-by-side solution. Positioning an equally tall Winecooler next to the refrigerator is the ultimate combination.

A highlight of the new CombiCooler Supreme is the integrated IceMaker.
It’s a practical feature that makes a visual impact. The ice cube dispenser refills automatically. Even if you invite guests on the spur of the moment, you can still help yourself to ice any time and don’t have to worry about the hassle of refilling the ice cube maker.

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