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Swiss Coolness

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As soon as you set foot in the V-ZUG cooling technology factory, you can immediately sense how much of Zug there is in the place. Located in Arbon on Lake Constance, the 143 employees are geographically remote from Zug, but V-ZUG blood certainly flows through their veins. “I’ve always worked for traditional Swiss companies,” explains Andreas Albrecht, Head of Production. “That has always been important for me.” It’s for this reason that he and his personality are such a good fit with V-ZUG, as he himself says. And Adrian Bachmann is also proud to work for a brand that instils confidence: “Top-class Swiss quality is what constitutes a good fridge for me – and as a Swiss firm, that makes us strong.”

Andreas Albrecht and Adrian Bachmann Head of Production and Head of Development, V-ZUG Cooling Technology Ltd

Andreas Albrecht and Adrian Bachmann Head of Production and Head of Development, V-ZUG Cooling Technology Ltd

What sets the two men apart is their strong sense of family. Adrian Bachmann’s day begins at 6am with some exercise: “For me, it’s a brilliant contrast and a perfect way to start the day,” declares the Head of Development. Arriving home in the evening and spending time with his family is a good way to end a demanding working day for Adrian. The structure of his day depends largely on the current project phase. As a manager with 25 staff, he spends much of his time in meetings and developing optimal technical solutions together with his team.

Precision manufacturing in V-ZUG’s cooling technology facility.

Precision manufacturing in V-ZUG’s cooling technology facility.

Andreas Albrecht also looks forward to spending evenings with his family. With four children, things can sometimes get rather action-packed at home – and he enjoys this just as much as the more peaceful moments. His inclinations are plain for all to see – Andreas conveys both a sense of inner calm and, at the same time, a positive purposefulness in the factory, where he knows all 100 of his staff by name. Each day, he discusses the previous day’s production figures with his team members, picks up on needs and challenges, and seeks solutions jointly with his team. Alongside numerous project meetings, he also finds time each day to touch base briefly with Max Herger, Managing Director of V-ZUG Cooling Technology Ltd. “The daily chat with my colleagues enables me to create a trusting environment in which everyone can give their best,” Andreas Albrecht explains.

Andreas Albrecht in the production building

“If a household appliance helps people structure their daily lives more simply, that really is something cool.”

A home in which you feel at ease and the household appliances help to make everyday chores easier is the best starting point for wellbeing – both men are firmly agreed on this. Although it’s the women in both families who are more active in the kitchen, the two men greatly enjoy cooking too. “I’m totally responsible for the home-made pizza,” declares Adrian Bachmann with a smile.

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Adrian enjoys spending time at home. When his house was built ten years ago, he fulfilled a wish and had a wine cooler fitted in the kitchen. “We spent last summer at home. Enjoying a glass of white or red wine straight from the wine cooler is real quality of life,” he says.

winecooler vzug

Their private lives are an inspiration for their work: “What we want in our family life is also what we expect our appliances to deliver,” maintains Andreas Albrecht. “If everything runs smoothly, you can enjoy spending relaxed time with your family. But if the dishwasher doesn’t get the glasses clean or the fridge goes on strike, that automatically leads to stress and disrupts the sense of wellbeing,” explains Adrian Bachmann. For him, the huge influence that refrigerators have on our society is also illustrated in the issues of food waste and energy savings. “By storing food optimally you increase its shelf life, and less of it goes to waste. And energy and environmental concerns are also becoming an increasingly significant factor in our society.” For this reason, the Heads of Production and Development are putting a great deal of energy into developing reliable, long-lasting fridges and freezers – to increase our customers’ quality of life.

2019 is a special year for both men, and their tireless efforts are bearing fruit. With the CombiCooler V4000, our customers can look forward to the first completely new refrigerator from one of Arbon’s new product ranges. “With this refrigerator, we are bringing even more flexibility and convenience to our customers’ everyday lives,” declares Andreas Albrecht proudly. The added option of converting the freezer section into a normal refrigeration space offers genuine added value and allows people even more freedom to shape their individual lives. “Based on their needs, users can decide how they want to use the CombiCooler – as a fridge freezer or as a maxi refrigerator,” explains Adrian Bachmann.

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More information about the CombiCooler V4000

Adrian Bachmann would like even more individuality and innovative features.

When they talk about their new pride and joy, their enthusiasm is almost tangible. And Andreas and Adrian are already thinking ahead: “We want even more simplicity for our customers, even more individuality and innovative features that offer real added value.” The pair also see huge potential in digitization: “How cool would it be if my fridge could analyse what food was still left and then suggest a recipe?” says Andreas. “If V-ZUG helps me to make everyday life even easier, that would be something really cool,” agrees Adrian. And these two ambitious men are certain to come up with a way of achieving this.



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