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The perfect match

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There are so many appliances to choose from, and everyone’s needs vary. We recommend the right product for you depending on the criteria you consider important.

Perhaps you’re a bit of a technology geek, are particularly keen on healthy eating, or appreciate good design. Here are a few tips to help you decide, direct from a professional expert.

V-ZUG AiroClearCabinet V4000

AiroClearCabinet V4000

For design fans
We aspire to timeless elegance. What are your aspirations? Whether you want fully integrated appliances that blend in with your kitchen units or prefer contrasting statement features, we have options to fulfil the expectations of all design aficionados. Those in the market for an exceptionally deluxe kitchen should take a look at our high-end Pureness designer line. The mirror glass or models without handles are also very popular, lending an air of elegance to open-plan live-in kitchens in particular. The perfect combination: a Fusion hob with integrated extractor, the Pureness version of the FullFlex hob or the elegant and discreet AiroClearCabinet V4000. Create your own designer kitchen.

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For technology geeks
Like clever features and the latest technology? Then I’d advise choosing appliances in the highest convenience level. Functions such as OptiLink, GuidedCooking and MonoFridge are sure to impress you. Network your appliances and enjoy all the additional benefits of the app. Take the CombiCooler for example: you can get tips and easily turn on and off special functions such as SilentMode or MonoFridge. With GuidedCooking, you even get the benefit of assistance with the hob cooking process. All you need for this is a hob equipped with the GuidedCooking function, Bluetooth-enabled cookware from Kuhn Rikon and the GuidedCooking app. And I’d also recommend laundry appliances in the highest convenience level. These come with Wi-Fi enabled as standard. Go digital – have fun with networked cooking and laundry!

V-ZUG OptiLift

OptiLift product range

For those who prefer convenience
If you like things to be tidy, organized and ergonomic, you should pay particular attention to ease-of-use highlights. These include cutlery drawers, organizer sets or system drawers, for example. When choosing a dishwasher, I would definitely recommend a model with the new OptiLift feature. When pulled out, the lower basket is raised to hip height which makes loading and emptying the dishwasher much more ergonomic. The compact SoftSlide runners equipped with the SoftClose mechanism make it really easy to slide the baskets in and out. And what’s more: I’d also recommend a washing machine with the OptiDos function. Enjoy all the benefits on offer.

V-ZUG vacuum drawer

vacuum drawer

For the health-conscious
If eating vitamin-rich food and having a healthy lifestyle are particularly important to you, I’d say that a combi-steamer will play a starring role in your kitchen. Pressureless cooking with steam is the gentlest way of preparing food, preserving vitamins, minerals and trace elements as well as the colour and flavour of produce. If this is something you value, I’d also recommend a refrigerator with a FreshControl zone. This provides the perfect conditions for storing meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. And a vacuum drawer is the ideal add-on for all health-conscious people. It enables you, for example, to blanch vegetables from your garden, then vacuum-seal them in suitably sized portions and store them for a considerable time with no loss of quality.
Bon appetit and good health!

For task jugglers
Job, family, leisure, household: sometimes it’s not easy keeping on top of everything. That’s why, personally speaking, I set great store by appliances that make everyday life easier. You too? If so, look out for automatic and sprint programmes when you’re choosing. For example, the Party programme on Adora dishwashers cleans loads in a mere 11 minutes. Or the steam anti-crease function on our Adora washing machines makes ironing unnecessary in most cases. An induction hob, the Combi-Steam MSLQ and the GuidedCooking function will also save you time. The OptiLink function automatically adjusts the extractor hood too. These things take the stress out of everyday life.

V-ZUG GuidedCooking


For gourmets
Love cooking for friends and family and trying out exotic recipes? In that case my recommendation is very simple: treat yourself to appliances in the highest convenience level. Amateur chefs are sure to be delighted by our Fusion hob, induction wok, Teppan Yaki grill plate, Combi-Steam XSL, vacuum drawer, Adora dishwashers with OptiLift, WineCooler, CombiCooler or side-by-side solutions. The V-ZUG Home app is an endless source of inspiration and it can be used to send even complicated recipes directly to an appliance. Have fun trying out all the scrumptious dishes!

For everyone
No matter whether you prefer a more functional configuration, like to have the flexibility of two cooking spaces or want an oven coupled with a combi-steamer, we’d be happy to help you put together the perfect combination of appliances. Make an appointment at a ZUGORAMA near you – together we can find your perfect match.

Martin auf der Maur, manager of the ZUGORAMA in Zug

Martin auf der Maur, manager of the ZUGORAMA in Zug

Personal advice
The right appliance for you will depend on what’s important to you. The perfect match is personal to you, so our advice is personalized too. Martin auf der Maur, manager of the ZUGORAMA in Zug, and his team know what’s important when it comes to choosing a household appliance.



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