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To us, design means much more than aesthetics

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With combined strength and fascinating design, our design team creates functional and emotive products for you that excite and inspire.

Martin von Freeden, Leiter Designteam blog vzug

Martin von Freeden, Head of the design team







They pursue visionary design ideas and discuss almost philosophical questions about the evolution of our society. They set ambitious targets: “Our customers should enjoy a top-class emotional experience with our appliances”, says Martin von Freeden, Head of the design team.

Creating an experience
Design is the art of combining functionality with aesthetics and thus creating a positive user experience. “We always design our products starting with the idea of making everyday life easier for users, exciting and inspiring them, and taking into account their hobbies”, explains Julia Borger, User Experience Designer. Interactions with our appliances are natural and intuitive: this means that the desired setting can be achieved in just a few clicks. “We want our appliances to form a natural element of the user’s living environment”, says Gloria Cutura, User Experience Designer.

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An individual language
For us, design is characterized by high quality, elegance, timelessness, Swissness and integration. This means that we focus on clear independence. Our appliances stand for quality and durability, so the design has to last and remain appealing for a long period of time. Julia Borger considers the creation of a language to be the challenge: “When we are thinking about design, it’s much more about creating a language that our appliances speak than about following a trend.” This language should be iconic, as Andreas Arabiano , Industry Designer, describes: “It is always our aim that people can assign our appliances directly to our brand, even if there is no logo visible on the appliance.” This is the art of independence.

Gloria Cutura, User Experience Designer blog vzug

Gloria Cutura, User Experience Designer

Uniting opposites
The demand for iconic design contrasts with the challenge of individuality: “Users want increasingly individual solutions – either in the appearance or functionality of the appliances”, says Gloria Cutura. It is the design team’s job to combine these two requirements in one design. Despite individuality, there is one thing that all users desire: “Appliances should connect with people’s emotions and provide functions that offer real added value – people want to improve their lifestyle”. This is a point that all five designers agree on.

Simple operation
Good design also includes simple operation. To this end we pursue the principle of simplexity. “Users should have to do as little as possible when it comes to appliance inputs. In the best case it involves natural movements and intuitive procedures that enable an input”, says Cutura. The designers took this approach for our FullFlex hob, for example: by pushing the pan towards the rear of the hob, the hob adjusts itself automatically. Analysing cooking behaviours is therefore always the main focus of the Interaction Designer. Kevin Perlinger then takes things one step further – he is responsible for designing the displays and creates the interface for software development: “I design and specify the elements that our users interact with on the display.”


More information about induction hob FullFlex

Forms, colours and materials
Andreas Arabiano’s daily work involves colours and forms: “When choosing forms and colours, we pay attention to harmonizing our products and pursue a common language of form.” This also includes choosing the materials: here, too, we pay attention to high quality and exclusively use real materials such as wood, metal, glass and anodized aluminium.


Pureness: combining the requirements
Individual, timeless, elegant, puristic, simple operation and fitted with high-quality materials – the exclusive design-line, Pureness, combines all of these requirements and inspires with a unique design. “We have received very positive signals from the market about our Pureness line. This affirms our aim to become more courageous and launch exclusive lines onto the market that capture the hearts of designers”, enthuses Martin von Freeden. The appliance handle in particular, which is made from anodized aluminium and looks like a piece of slate, is very well received. The fine engraving on the rear of the handle also lends the appliance a special design effect.

More information about Pureness


Advanced Line ovens
With the new ovens in the Advanced Line, we are offering an initial insight into the further development of our design language. The new handle is more slender and ergonomic: the gentle indentation makes it easy to hold and allows the door to be opened and closed comfortably. The appliances in this line are now also available in white: “White kitchen facilities currently dominate rental apartments in particular. By including this colour as well, we are offering perfect integration”, says Arabbiano. Martin von Freeden adds: “And for those who prefer something more provocative, you can still stand out with an appliance in black or chrome steel.” The new panel also meets the requirements in terms of durability and timelessness: highly complex and robust technology makes these panels even more resistant to dirt and scratches. And what’s more, it looks amazing, enthuses Julia Borger: “The interplay between matt and gloss elements looks very elegant.”

Advanced linie vzug

More information about the Advanced Line

Design update: the new Adora
The new design elements of the Adora line also reflect the requirements of simplexity and a modern appearance. The whole line has a colour touch display which is simple and practical to use. Users are offered a more emotional experience as the appliance is connected to V-ZUG Home as standard. The LED lighting also provides for comfortable use, even in darker rooms. However, the new Adoras are not only more convenient in terms of use – they also stand out for their new design elements. The subtle lettering has a puristic and sleek look and the inner frame of the door is in an elegant black like the pivoting panel. “This provides a beautiful, modern appearance”, says Martin von Freeden.

adora vzug blog

More information about the new Adora

A visionary team
Our design team spends a lot of time investigating the future of our society. This requires modern ways of thinking and an openness to change, as well as anticipating one’s own behaviour: “The market is currently undergoing massive change. Previously it was appliances that defined use. These days it is users who define what they find interesting and which features they would like to have”, explains Kevin Perlinger. But it is not only user behaviour which is changing. The work within the team, too, will become more interdisciplinary in future. “We want to actively shape the customer journey. This is why we all work together”, emphasizes Cutura.

Julia Borger, User Experience Designer Kevin Perlinger, User Interface Designer Andreas Arabiano, Industriedesigner blog vzug

Julia Borger, User Experience Designer; Kevin Perlinger, User Interface Designer; Andreas Arabiano, Industry Designer

Radical contradictions
The design team is prepared to continue to adapt and reflect, as they know that our society will change even more quickly in future. “Flexibility and individuality form key elements of our work”, explains von Freeden. Changes to living spaces play an important part in this regard: one challenge here will be to offer the highest quality of life in the smallest spaces. In the near future, the drifting apart of the target groups in the operating strategies will be both interesting and a huge challenge at the same time. Gloria Cutura: “On the one hand we will interact with the digital enthusiasts – they can’t get enough of the digital world. However, this group are a direct contrast to digital detoxers – people who are trying to get away from digitization and are looking for a way back to an original way of life. This is exciting, but it also presents us with complex challenges.” This split into two completely opposing target groups can also be seen in the appearance of an appliance, according to Andreas Arabiano: “Some people want an appliance which is virtually invisible, while others want to make a statement.”

Looking into the crystal ball
Whether digital enthusiasts, singles, family people, individualists or design connoisseurs, one requirement is always the same: our users should be happy using our appliances. “We do everything we can to make sure of this”, explains Julia Borger. In future, our customers can look forward to even more aesthetic and functional products that are well thought out and bring joy”, continues Borger. Martin von Freeden also sees the importance of design here: “We are designing genuine products that are easy to use and lead to great results – that will always remain our core value.”

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