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Your favourite coffee at the touch of a button

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With the new V-ZUG Coffee-Center, you can make barista-style espresso, cappuccino and latte macchiato in your own home. Coffee Product Manager Giancarlo Rossetti reveals the secret of perfectly brewed coffee.


Giancarlo Rossetti, Product Manager Coffee

Mr Rossetti, what will coffee lovers like about the new Coffee-Center Supremo XSL?

We have more than doubled the number of different drinks the machine can make. You can now choose between eleven types of coffee or just warm up milk, use the steam function or heat water for tea. You can also choose between five different coffee strengths and four cup sizes.

Even within a single household the requirements of a coffee machine can differ widely – while some people love to experiment, others just want a shot of caffeine to wake them up. How does the Coffee-Center meet all these different requirements?

There are three levels of user involvement in operating our machine. 1. One Touch 2. Customization 3. Personalization. We have programmed in various well-known coffee varieties that can be prepared at the touch of a button. These appeal to average tastes and are sufficient for most users. Those who wish to do so can change the strength of their espresso or perfectly match the length of their latte macchiato with their favourite cup. There is no need to remember the settings, however, as the machine can accept up to seven user profiles, each including several different coffee varieties.

Kaffeevarianten-vzug blog

Coffee varieties to suit your taste. This fully automatic machine leaves absolutely no wishes unfulfilled.

So much choice could easily lead to confusion. How difficult is it to select the programme you want?

It’s really easy, we’ve completely redesigned the operating controls. You simply choose what you want using the full-colour graphic display on the touchscreen.

What criteria did you use when choosing which coffee varieties to include?

As the market for V-ZUG appliances is becoming increasingly international, we decided to include coffee varieties that are popular in other countries alongside typical Swiss coffee varieties such as café crème, for example the flat white or the Americano. Of course the classics like filter coffee influenced our choice as well.


How does the Coffee-Center Supremo manage to create barista-style coffee in our homes?

The unique aroma is down to the high quality grinding mechanism and brewing unit. The Coffee-Center Supremo has a metal conical grinder like those used in professional catering outlets, which produces extremely even results. There are always people who say that ceramic grinders are better, but that’s been proven to be untrue. If the coffee is ground too finely then not enough water can get through, the grounds burn and there’s no crema – the foam that makes a good espresso. If the coffee is ground too coarsely then the coffee is watery. Maintaining a constant pressure and temperature throughout the whole brewing process is another key feature, as this allows the aroma to develop best. In addition to machine quality, the water quality and the choice of beans are also crucial.

Usually you enjoy a coffee and then have the tiresome job of cleaning up. How is this machine different?

We have made the cleaning process as easy as possible for the user. An automatic cleaning programme cleans all the parts that come into contact with the coffee, and the Coffee-Center also informs the user when it needs descaling or the milk container needs cleaning. This can be done easily at the touch of a button. Finally, the easy-to-remove brewing unit should be washed regularly using warm water.

Thank you for the interview!


Stylish design for pure coffee enjoyment
The V-ZUG Coffee-Centre is the ideal appliance for coffee lovers and amateur baristas. You can master any coffee speciality with ease, no matter what your favourite is. For first-class coffee enjoyment just like your local coffee house from the comfort of your own home.









Perfect coffee just like in a coffee shop
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Latte Macchiato oder Iced Choco Vanilla Milk






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