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DualDry – a world first designed in Zug

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Karin Meister is a Product Manager responsible for Textile Care at V-ZUG, so practically her entire week revolves around washing. She tells us more about the innovative DualDry which makes drying washing brilliantly simple.

DualDry is a simple yet brilliant innovation from Zug. How did it come about?

Our developers are always on the hunt for new ideas and spend a lot of time looking at how people do their washing. They noticed that many laundry rooms have both a tumble dryer and an ambient air dryer. The latter functions in a very similar way to a tumble dryer: the washing releases moisture into the air as it dries, this air is drawn in and drained by the appliance, and dry air flows back into the room.

And that’s how they got the idea of combining two functions in a single appliance?

It was the starting point, yes, because then they thought: why not just integrate an ambient air drying function into our Adora dryers? Then users would only need a single appliance, meaning they would use up less space and only need to have one appliance plumbed in for drainage.

“DualDry appliances can dry washing in the drum, like conventional Adora dryers, and dry washing that is hung out in the same room as well.”

What can DualDry do exactly?

DualDry appliances can dry washing in the drum, like conventional Adora dryers, and dry washing that is hung out in the same room as well. To do this, two flaps are opened, which alters the airflow and allows the appliance to dry washing that has been left to air dry in the room. The performance of our appliance equals or even exceeds that of dedicated ambient air dryers.

The idea of the two flaps sounds simple. Is it actually that easy?

It is indeed! The appliance is very straightforward – and above all very easy to use. If the user wants to dry washing hanging on a line in the room, they open the flaps so that the air can circulate through the room and the dryer. They select the programme and press start – that’s it! If they want to dry the washing in the drum, they leave the flaps on the appliance shut. Then they place the washing in the drum, select the programme and press start. The appliance is easy to operate, but like every good invention it incorporates ingenious design elements, for example the airflow system created by our engineers.


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The new DualDry dries your washing either in the drum or hung up in the room. The dryer has been equipped with an innovative new room air laundry dryer feature for simple, space-saving and convenient drying.


What are the advantages of this invention?

The advantages are that the user only has to set up and install a single appliance. And because the ambient air drying function is integrated into the Adora dryers, the water that is removed is drained off directly, meaning it’s no longer necessary to empty the water by hand. DualDry appliances can also be installed in bathrooms, so if someone takes a shower which leaves the air so humid that the mirror fogs up, the moisture can be removed in no time at all. This function can even be set to automatic so the DualDry senses the humidity in the room and switches itself on.

What do you recommend – air drying or tumble drying?

A lot of customers still think that delicates get damaged by tumble drying, but that changed a long time ago. Our Adora appliances dry all types of washing with extreme care. However, some people still prefer to hang up certain items to dry, and DualDry is the optimal solution for ensuring that the moisture released doesn’t cause mould growth in living spaces.

Thank you for the interview!


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