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Energy-saving tips for dishwashing blog vzug

Energy-saving tips for dishwashing

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75% in 25 years! The energy needed for running a dishwasher has decreased and we’ve got a few tips that will help you maximise this energy-saving potential.

Today’s quality dishwashers are very high tech. This helps improve cleaning results, reduces the consumption of energy, water, salts and brighteners, and saves you money while helping the environment. Learn how to maximise the full energy-saving potential of modern and even older dishwashers.

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Load the dishwasher as full as possible while keeping it orderly. For V-ZUG appliances with the ergoPlus cutlery drawer, the Vario cutlery basket insert or the upper basket with multiple height-adjustment options. If you have to wash a lighter load, we recommend using the partial load programme. The amount of water is substantially reduced, saving between 1 and 6 litres of water and shortening the programme duration by up to 30 minutes.

Learn more about the ultra-flexible interior space of V-ZUG dishwashers


Connecting your dishwasher to the hot water supply can reduce energy consumption by 90% thanks to a special function.


The automatic programme detects what your dishes need, saving you up to 30% on water, energy and dishwasher salt. The programme duration is controlled automatically and lasts between 50 and 95 minutes. (Depending on the degree of soiling, the actual duration may deviate from these specifications.)


When available, select the additional energy-saving function when using standard programmes. With the V-ZUG, the function is called "Energy saving". A lightly reduced washing temperature can save up to 10% on energy consumption.


For normally soiled dishes, use the Eco programme with a soaking phase.


V-ZUG's dishwashers are packed full of sophisticated sensors and functions that help you to save even more – from electricity and water to salt and brightener, and ultimately money.

•    Soil sensor: This sensor measures the level of dirt in the water and makes sure that fresh water isn't used if it isn't needed.
•    Water hardness control: The water hardness control function makes sure that the water is the ideal level of hardness throughout the programme. The rinsing agent is more effective, providing gentler care for your crockery and glasses.
•    Rinse agent dosage: The amount of rinse agent is automatically adapted to the water hardness and load – saving rinse agent for you.
•    Energy saving button: Reduces the temperature by 5°C, saving 10% more energy.
•    Partial load programme: Automatically adjusts the programme to a lower load, thus saving up to 6 litres of water and 30 minutes of time.
•    Automatic door opener: The door is released automatically at the end of the rinse programme. This reduces the drying phase, saving valuable energy.
•    Limescale sensor: The limescale sensor automatically adjusts the salt consumption to the hardness of the water – this saves salt and softens the water to the perfect level.

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