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Fridge with holiday mode feature

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“Leave your fridge on a low flame”. Are you looking forward to your holiday? So’s your fridge! The useful holiday mode saves you electricity and money. Stefanie Löffler, a development engineer for application technology, explains how it works.

Stefanie Löffler, what does holiday mode do on your fridge?

Basically, it’s the equivalent of leaving your fridge just ticking over. Depending on the model, the refrigerator compartment either carries on running at 14°C or is turned off completely. This saves electricity and is good for the environment and your wallet.

Do I have to empty the fridge?

Yes, the refrigerator compartment has to be emptied first. Holiday mode isn’t designed for keeping foods. The freezer compartment, however, continues operating as normal, at the usual temperature, so there’s no need to empty it.

Which fridge models have this function?

All of these V-ZUG appliances have holiday mode: CombiCooler V4000, Cooltronic, Cooltronic eco, Noblesse, Noblesse eco, Prestige, Prestige P eco, Prestige eco and Prestige T.


Is the fridge door left open or shut in holiday mode?

It depends on the model. If it continues running at 14°C (CombiCooler V4000 and Noblesse), the door is left shut. If the refrigerator compartment is switched off completely (which is the case with all the other models), the door has to be left open to prevent odours from forming. And the freezer compartment is always left shut, of course, as it carries on running as normal.

How soon is the fridge ready to use again when you return from holiday?

It depends entirely on the pre-set temperature. The lower the desired temperature, the longer it takes for the fridge to be ready to use. The appliance model is another key factor, i.e. has the refrigerator compartment been switched off completely or left running at 14°C ? But in either case your fridge will be ready to use again in just a few hours.

Can I remotely control the function?

Yes, on the CombiCooler V4000, holiday mode can easily be controlled via the V-ZUG app.


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