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Tobias Gerfin Kuhn Rikon Interview Guided Cooking V-ZUG

GuidedCooking: simply cook smarter.

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When your hob talks to the pan via an app, automatically ensuring perfect cooking results, this is called GuidedCooking. A world first from Kuhn Rikon and V-ZUG, for the ultimate convenience in Swiss kitchens.

Tobias Gerfin, you’re the CEO of Kuhn Rikon and a fan of products that make cooking a joy. In July 2019, Kuhn Rikon and V-ZUG together launched the GuidedCooking function.

Kuhn Rikon has been looking for a way to connect pan and hob since the 1980s. Early products were unsuccessful. But now, Kuhn Rikon’s DUROMATIC Comfort pressure cooker and HOTPAN Comfort link up via an app and Bluetooth with V-ZUG’s latest hobs. At last!

What do you like about this networking?
GuidedCooking brings to the oven the added value we’ve been seeking for Swiss cooks for so long. The pan talks to the app and directly to the oven, which regulates its own temperature. The app tells you when your food is ready.

A digital challenge.
It was an ambitious project. We’re not an electronics firm, we process metal. And yet with GuidedCooking, V-ZUG and Kuhn Rikon can offer the market a function that is unique in the world, and which wouldn’t be possible without smartphones and tablets. Everyone involved is proud of this.

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A great combination of two strong Swiss brands. What was your experience of the collaboration?
We soon realized we made good partners: we all want to make people’s lives simpler, so they can have fun in the kitchen and more room for enjoyment.

Ergo: GuidedCooking.
Precisely. With GuidedCooking, you gain time and save energy and water. You can sit at the table with your friends and chat over a drink while the meal is being cooked to perfection in the kitchen. Or you can relax on the sofa after a long day at work yet still enjoy a slap-up meal. That’s how it should be. After all, guaranteed success is what we advertise.

“With GuidedCooking, you gain time and save energy and water.”

What do you like best about this very Swiss innovation?
With electric pans, the machine does the cooking, you can’t intervene. The nice thing about our combined solution is that you can use GuidedCooking to communicate with up to five pans. But you can also cook the ‘old-fashioned’ way, i.e. without the app.

A real pan, a real hob, real cooking?
Absolutely. It works without the app. And with the app, there are two functions: you choose a recipe, such as a risotto, from the recipe list. Or you use the EasyCook function for failsafe preparation of individual ingredients.

V-ZUG Guided Cooking Kuhn Rikon

What’s next?
There are 3.6 million kitchens in Switzerland. 150,000 of them are replaced or newly built each year. I am certain that, in five years’ time, around 25% of all new Swiss hobs will have the GuidedCooking function.

The target is a market share of 10% or more. Once you hit that, the sky’s the limit. And we mustn’t underestimate social media. Maybe the recipe platform can be opened up one way or another. Users could then share their own GuidedCooking recipes, which would generate huge publicity for the appliances.

More Information on GuidedCooking

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