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Loading help – the right way to store items in your refrigerator

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As warm air rises even in refrigerators, this can lead to different temperatures within the appliance. It is therefore important to store foods correctly so that the ingredients last longer and retain their quality – not to mention the impact on the household budget.

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Meat, poultry and fish should be kept as cool as possible and should therefore be stored in the lower part of the refrigerator. Dairy products and pre-prepared meals are best kept at the top and in the middle. Did you know that the temperature in the refrigerator door is always higher? That’s why eggs, milk and also tubes and ketchup last particularly well here.
The following diagram gives you a clear idea of what should be stored where:

fridge loading help

Alongside conventional refrigerators, V-ZUG boasts a number of exclusive products in its range with features such as a cellar compartment or a FreshControl zone, where foods can be stored even more efficiently.

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