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V-ZUG Silvio Lehni Product Manager

Maximum ergonomics when loading and unloading the dishwasher

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Our OptiLift feature makes loading and unloading dishes kinder on the back. Silvio Lehni, Product Manager, comments on the ergonomics, flexibility and functions of the new Adora dishwashers.

Silvio Lehni, could you tell us more about OptiLift?
We wanted to make our dishwashers more ergonomic and rapidly came to the conclusion that we needed a mechanism to raise the lower basket to hip height. Our solution was to install robust SoftSlide & SoftClose runners mounted on ball bearings, combined with the OptiLift feature which enables the lower basket to be conveniently raised. The aim was to develop a dishwasher with baskets that are ultra-easy and convenient to use.

V-ZUG Dishwasher Adora OptiLiftOptiLift doesn’t need a motor – what are the mechanics behind it?
A lifting mechanism raises the lower basket to hip height when it is pulled out. Two pressurized gas struts increase the force applied by the user, helping them to raise the basket. It was particularly important to us that the OptiLift feature on the lower basket should be simple, self-explanatory and robust.

As a dishwasher user what benefits does OptiLift offer me – apart from the ergonomic advantage?
Loading and unloading dishes is much easier than it is with a conventional dishwasher. In addition to OptiLift, the new dishwasher range has robust runners mounted on ball bearings on both the upper and lower baskets and the cutlery drawer. Another plus point is the SoftClose damping mechanism on both the upper and lower baskets, which brakes them to slow their momentum when pushed in, thus protecting the crockery.

V-ZUG Dishwasher Adora OptiLift

Back to the subject of ergonomics: how do I refill the salt and clean the filter without dislocating something?
We have designed the back of the lower basket in such a way that the user can easily refill the salt and clean the filter.

Does the user have to think about anything in particular when they stack the dishwasher?
In general it’s a good idea to put very dirty dishes in the lower basket as the water sprays in there at a higher pressure. By contrast, delicate breakable items – such as glasses – should be placed in the upper basket. Regarding OptiLift, the user doesn’t really need to do anything different when loading the appliance. The upper basket can now be easily removed and replaced – for even more flexibility and space, and the cutlery drawer can also be taken out and put back again with ease thanks to the click-in system. The new Adora dishwashers are more flexible than ever!

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V-ZUG Silvio Lehni Product Manager

Silvio Lehni, Product Manager

How much space do I have in a dishwasher with OptiLift?
Depending on the version, OptiLift dishwashers are designed to accommodate 12-13 standard place settings, which is the same as a standard 55 cm-wide dishwasher. Also depending on the version, OptiLift dishwashers can accommodate plates up to 30 cm in diameter.

Which appliances in the range have OptiLift?
OptiLift is an additional dishwasher line. It is available in extra large, and is only available on fully integrated appliances. The range includes dishwashers at the V4000 and V6000 convenience levels – with or without a cutlery drawer.

What other useful features do the OptiLift dishwashers have?
We have also upgraded the modern plain text display touchscreen, which now shows a description of the programme that is running, and the new FunctionLight has a programme progress display which shows how long the programme still has left. The OptiLift dishwashers have the fastest wash programmes on the market, and the exclusive SteamFinish functions ensures sparkling results – especially for glasses. It goes without saying that the water and energy consumption for the OptiLift dishwashers is among the lowest on the market.
The jury of the Plus X Award was also impressed, and gave our OptiLift dishwashers seals of approval in the categories of high quality, design, ease of use, functionality, ergonomics and ecology.

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