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OptiDos – Automatic detergent dispensing

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Karin Meister is a Product Manager responsible for Textile Care at V-ZUG and a specialist in getting washing clean. She tells us how OptiDos makes life easier.

Karin Meister, Product Manager Textile Care/Washing

How does OptiDos automatic detergent dispensing work?

Appliances equipped with the OptiDos function have two detergent dispenser drawers: the usual ergonomic dispenser drawer for detergent and fabric softener on the right, and an extra drawer on the left. The second drawer contains two tanks which you fill with liquid detergent and fabric softener as required. Once you have entered a reference quantity for each of the two liquids, they will be dispensed automatically – with the amount depending on the wash programme, load size, degree of soiling, and whether a delicates or pre-wash cycle is required.

What is the advantage of automatic dispensing?

The key benefit is that it is more environmentally friendly and economical than manual dispensing, but we also wanted to make doing laundry easier. Now when you do your washing, you just need to press three buttons and the machine starts. No need to add any detergent, there are no drips of fabric softener on the floor and you don’t have to clean any old powder residues off the floor either. Two full tanks are enough for around 50 wash cycles.

So in terms of simplifying wash day: what was the thinking behind this idea?

It seemed sensible that we should automate detergent dispensing. If you wash twice a week and can avoid adding detergent or softener fifty times, then that’s considerably less effort. With OptiDos it takes just three clicks to start a wash: select programme, switch OptiDos on or off, press Start. That’s it, nothing else to do or think about.

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What’s behind this technology?

Partly it has come about thanks to the technical knowledge and experience of employees who have worked at V-ZUG for many years. But equally important is our understanding of our customers and how they use our appliances. For example, it’s important to us that our sophisticated technology is very easy to use and that the controls are intuitive.

Is it also possible to run a wash using a different detergent?

Of course. You simply put any special detergent or powder into the dispenser drawer on the right-hand side as usual and select a wash programme without OptiDos. So you have complete flexibility.

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Is there anything that OptiDos can’t do?

There really are many more things that OptiDos can do than things it can’t do (laughs). The only thing you can’t use with OptiDos is washing powder, because it can’t be measured out, but that’s it.

Too many options complicate things. How do you avoid that?

Appliances with OptiDos are as easy to operate as any other V-ZUG appliance. Since 2019 all of our Adora washing machines come with full-colour touchscreen displays, which are really simple to use as they guide the user clearly through the operating process. All the programmes are designed with optimized pre-settings so they can be started immediately or quickly adjusted.  This fits perfectly with our philosophy: we want to relieve our customers of as much work as we can while at the same time giving them as much decision-making freedom as possible.

Many thanks for this interview.

More information about OptiDos

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