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PureCool – a new-generation cooling system

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V-ZUG has been researching and developing cooling technology for the last five years. Giancarlo Rossetti, Cooling Product Manager, explains the innovative technology behind the new CombiCooler V4000.

Mr Rossetti, the new CombiCooler V4000 is the first product to have been designed and developed entirely from scratch by V-ZUG Cooling Technology in Arbon. What is new about it?

That’s correct, we designed and developed the CombiCooler from scratch. The technology behind it is called PureCool technology. It includes a unique refrigeration circuit, which we are using for the first time in the CombiCooler V4000. The air now actively circulates throughout the entire refrigeration chamber with the help of small ventilators. As a result, the temperature in the entire fridge is far more constant and ice on the back wall is a thing of the past. What’s more, the capacitor is no longer attached to the back wall but can instead be found in the base. This creates even more space for food.

Does this mean you no longer have to pay attention to different temperatures when putting food away?

No. The top shelf still tends to be the warmest. Having said that, you can use the entire space as you choose. Vegetables will still remain fresh for longer in the closed compartment at the bottom of the fridge.

What effect does active ventilation have on food?

Some moisture may be lost when air is actively circulated. We counteract this, however, by collecting the moisture and feeding it back into the refrigeration chamber. This serves to keep the food at optimal freshness.

A key benefit of the new cooling system is NoFrost.

Nobody enjoys defrosting the freezer compartment by hand. NoFrost saves you the job. The drawers can be easily opened and closed without any annoying build-up of ice.

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Another benefit is MonoFridge. What’s so great about it?

The freezer compartment can be transformed into a regular fridge in just a few hours.

When does this transformation make sense?

When you’re hosting a party, for example. You can use the additional fridge space for drinks or fresh produce.

“Perhaps you only use the freezer for ice cream in summer and need more fridge space in winter.”

Or perhaps you only use the freezer for ice cream in summer and need more fridge space in winter. If you’re a tenant, you can’t select your own kitchen appliances. MonoFridge provides greater flexibility. What’s more, kitchen appliances last for years and your requirements may change over the course of time.

What’s the deal in terms of energy efficiency? Surely these functions will require more electricity?

No, quite the opposite. We beat the best energy efficiency rating A+++ by 10%, making it one of the most energy efficient fridge freezers on the market. Only in SilentMode does the electricity consumption go up slightly. Although the fridge is already one of the quietest appliances on the market (36 decibels), the SilentMode function serves to further minimize noise.

The CombiCooler V4000 is the first V-ZUG fridge with a Wi-Fi module. What’s the benefit of this?

When you start up your appliance, the app will provide tips on food storage and functions. What’s more, it will send a notification to your mobile phone if the fridge door has not been shut correctly or the temperature has changed. Following a power cut, for example.

The new CombiCooler

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