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V-ZUG AG Adora steam anti-crease

“Steam anti-crease really is that easy”

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Product Manager Daniel Betschart explains how the steam anti-crease function on Adora washing machines virtually eliminates the need for ironing.

V-ZUG AG Daniel Betschart, Product Manager

Daniel Betschart, Product Manager

Daniel Betschart, the steam anti-crease function on V-ZUG Adora washing machines is a very special feature, but what does it do exactly?
The steam anti-crease function helps prevent a lot of the creasing that otherwise takes place during the wash cycle, virtually eliminating the need for ironing.

Is it really as easy as it sounds?
It really is that easy. When programming Adora washing machines, users can select steam anti-crease and the function is automatically added to the selected wash programme. The heat generated during the wash cycle can produce enough steam to virtually eliminate any creasing of the laundry. After the programme has ended, the loosening-up period can be set at up to 60 minutes to prevent creasing due to static.

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Which fabrics does steam anti-crease work for?
The steam anti-crease function works for any fabrics that can be washed and ironed. A little insider tip: you don’t always need to run a whole wash programme, you can select steam anti-crease on its own if you wish. So if you have a dry blouse or shirt that has a few creases on the sleeves or the back, the function will remove the creases and leave it iron dry in just 23 minutes.

V-ZUG AG Adora steam anti-crease

Devices with the steam anti-crease function

Is the function just for those who don’t like ironing or is it also for more discerning users?
It’s definitely for both. In most cases, those who don’t like ironing will be able to dispense with it altogether, while others will appreciate the steam anti-crease function because their washing will be iron dry and virtually crease free. It’s best to hang clothes up straight from the machine and either straighten them out a bit by hand or iron them as usual.

V-ZUG AdoraWash V6000

V-ZUG AdoraWash V6000

The steam anti-crease function has been around for a little while now. Has it been improved over the years?
Yes indeed, in fact there was an update when the V-ZUG AdoraWash V6000 was launched in spring 2019. The steam anti-crease plus function now allows fabrics such as linen and other very lightweight, easily creased materials to be smoothed out.

Hand on heart: do you still have an ironing board at home?
To be totally honest, I almost never iron nowadays. The steam anti-crease function works so well that when I take my shirts out of the machine they are virtually crease free, so I hang them up and wear them as they are.

Daniel Betschart, 42, has been at V-ZUG since September 2015 and is responsible for washing machine product management.


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