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Tackling allergens

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Allergies are something many people struggle with, some of us battling them all year round, others primarily experiencing symptoms in the spring and summer months. Daniel Betschart, Washing Machines Product Manager, gives Nadja Toscan the lowdown on what allergy sufferers can do to combat the problem in their daily lives.




The Swiss Allergy Centre has determined that around 20 to 25 percent of the Swiss population experience some allergy symptoms. People are allergic to an almost immeasurable number of different things, including foods, medicines, insects, pollen, house dust mites and animals. Mr Betschart, which allergies can washing or drying programmes help with?

Daniel Betschart: As an allergy sufferer myself I know the problem only too well, so during the pollen season I personally use the anti-mite programme more often. It extends the main wash programme and removes 100% of mites and allergens from textiles.
So are you allergic to house dust mites?
DB: No, in actual fact I’m not, but they get washed out of fabrics along with any other germs and mites, leaving my clothes free of all troublesome allergens.


Anti-mite and skin protection – A better quality of life for allergy sufferers

Allergens are what set off allergies. These notably include the dust mite drippings that are responsible for breathing difficulties. Dust mites are considered very tough. But none of them survive the anti-mite programme in the new Adora. It runs for at least an hour at 60°C, and then everything is rinsed so thoroughly that nothing of even the mite droppings remains.

Adora washing machines also come with the skin protection programme – developed specially for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin: an optimised rinsing process makes sure that no washing powder is left on your clothes. The following appliances feature this programme


I’m allergic to certain grasses, so I often wash my clothes at 60°C but without selecting a specific wash programme. Is that enough?

DB: Definitely. It’s good practice anyway to put on a wash at a higher temperature every now and then. Nowadays a lot of people wash at low temperatures such as 30°C or 40°C because detergent manufacturers guarantee that this will still achieve perfect results, but as a result bacteria can build up in the machine, which leads to unpleasant odours.

That’s another reason for remembering to run a wash at 60°C or above on a regular basis, then.

DB: We’ve actually incorporated a reminder function to ensure people don’t forget to do precisely that. A notification advising users to run a wash programme at 60°C comes up on the display panels of all AdoraWash machines at regular intervals.

Can it be a normal wash programme or is there a special hygiene programme?

DB: On our AdoraWash V4000 & V6000 models there’s a special hygiene programme. You run it without any laundry in the machine, and steam kills off any bacteria inside, thus also eliminating unpleasant odours.

So temperatures of 60°C and higher are one way to get rid of allergens and germs. Are there any other programmes that can help allergy sufferers?

DB: Yes. Our Adora machines also have a skin protection programme – developed specially for people with allergies or sensitive skin. An optimized rinse process ensures that no detergent residues remain on the washing.

And how about drying clothes?

DB: For pollen allergy sufferers in particular, it’s a good idea not to hang washing up outside even in good weather, but to tumble dry it (all textiles with the tumble dry symbol can go in the dryer). We also have various dryer models with an additional hygiene programme which extends the drying process and is another way of removing unwanted occupants from your fabrics.

Thank you for the interview!


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