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VAS: The smart solution for quiet washing

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The secret to quiet washdays for 11 years: the Vibration Absorbing System (VAS) in our Adora and Unimatic washing machines. Peter Kurmann, Product Manager Switzerland, explains this smart Zug invention for quiet washing.

Peter Kurmann, users of modern washing machines expect them to have a large capacity and high spin speeds as a matter of course. Yet that wasn’t always the case.

No, it wasn’t until the 2000s that such expectations started to become the norm. The trend for washing machines back then was for loads of 6-8 kg rather than 4-5 kg, and for spin speeds of 1,800 rpm up from 1,400 rpm.

The drums got bigger and turned faster, which made the machines louder. Could you have made the machines larger to solve the problem?

No, unfortunately not. The spaces available in homes for washing machines are usually very small. V-ZUG saw that the market needed a solution with larger drum sizes that could wash larger loads, but with the same external machine dimensions.

What was the biggest challenge?

We had to reduce the imbalances that cause drum vibration so there was no risk of the larger drums touching the sides of the machine during operation.

And we needed a system that could adjust itself dynamically, because washing positions itself differently in the machine in each load. For example if a load of soaking wet bath towels clump together then during the spin cycle they will either make a huge noise or the machine won’t spin for safety reasons, so a significant counter weight is needed.

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The solution: the Vibration Absorbing System (VAS).

We had the idea of evening out the imbalance using water. We first simulated it using filled PET bottles, then our developers devised a sensor-controlled water fill system to fill and drain the cavities in the three drum vanes.

What happens exactly?

The balance sensors report whereabouts in the machine the washing is located. The VAS then allows the drum vane on the other side to fill with the right amount of water needed to make the drum turn evenly on a fast spin. The result: the noise level of our machines – in particular structure-borne sound transmitted via building floors – has fallen significantly. In homes occupied by just one family that is appealing, but in flats and

Does the VAS have other advantages too?

8 kg loads are absolutely no problem. Your washing will always be spun properly – even the soaking wet towels mentioned earlier. As the machine can achieve more revolutions per minute, at the end of the cycle there is also less moisture left in the washing, significantly reducing the energy required to tumble dry it. And of course the machine lasts much longer thanks to our VAS: less vibration means that the life of shock absorbers, mounts and motors is extended considerably.

VAS, a unique and intelligent solution for modern washing machines.

Invented by V-ZUG and available only on our machines. It’s worth noting that in the future all household appliances will have to operate more quietly, as we will all become more sensitive to noise in our modern and airtight homes with their comfort ventilation. Peace and quiet means a better quality of life.


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