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How to achieve perfect cooking with steam.

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Thanks to V-ZUG steam cookers, cooks can conjure up pure delights on the plates of their guests. The key to effortless cooking pleasure: the Electronic Steam System ESS and the sophisticated BakeOmatic CCS.

Roman Kaufmann, V-ZUG defines itself as the Swiss manufacturer for an enjoyable life. As a product manager for V-ZUG steam cookers, do you agree with this?

Absolutely. Our steam cookers are hugely popular with connoisseurs around the world. The reason for this is two V-ZUG innovations – the Electronic Steam System ESS introduced in 2001 and the Climate Control System CCS, launched in 2008.

V-ZUG has always combined innovation with precision, quality and reliability.

And our steam cookers are a great example of this. When V-ZUG decided in 1998 to develop steam cookers, there were only a few suppliers. All of them generated steam for cooking directly in the cooking space. We, on the other hand, placed the steam generator outside the cooking space in order to generate finely controlled steam. This produces excellent results thanks to fast and precise climate control.

The very first V-ZUG steam cooker was brought to market with ESS

The rest is history. The very first V-ZUG steam cooker was brought to market with ESS and was immensely successful.

What are some other advantages of ESS?

Low water and energy consumption thanks to efficient steam injection. Minimal cleaning required thanks to pure, limescale-free steam. And good hygiene as all the water is pumped back into the water tank.

2008: CCS with BakeOmatic premieres.

 The Climate Control System CCS is the ingenious addition to ESS.

In technical terms, what does CCS do?

CCS monitors the cooking space. A sensor checks the temperature and controls the heat sources. A second sensor measures the humidity and regulates the steam supply in relation to the temperature. A supporting sensor regulates the boiling point of water in the boiler.

guarantees a completely constant climate in the cooking space with stable temperatures – down to the individual degree

Smart regulation based on the measurement data guarantees a completely constant climate in the cooking space with stable temperatures – down to the individual degree. This only exists in professional kitchens otherwise.

In practical terms, why would I want CCS in my kitchen?

 Because with CCS you can cook without recipes – you don’t need to know the cooking time, temperature, operating mode or weight. CCS automatically identifies the size and shape of the food to be cooked and also displays the end of the cooking time.

But I have to define the food?

Only in very general terms. You can tell your V-ZUG steam cooker, for example, that you are cooking a gratin. And it should be nice and crispy on top. No problem for the V-ZUG cooking sensor. It coordinates the temperatures and steam saturation perfectly with your food.

How did V-ZUG perfect the CCS BakeOmatic?

Three examples: When soft-roasting meat, you can use the extra food probe to achieve every desired core temperature at the pre-defined time. With Vacuisine you cook in a vacuum but with steam instead of a bain-marie – to the exact degree and without interruption for up to 48 hours. And the RegenerateOmatic warms up cooked food in ideal fashion. And it tastes great.

Which V-ZUG appliances have ESS and which also have CCS?

All V-ZUG steam cookers have ESS. You can also get CCS in all models in the SL convenience level.

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