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Vacusine The perfect host – impress your guests blog vzug

The perfect host – impress your guests

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Do you like to get together with friends or family in a cosy atmosphere to enjoy a fine meal? Maybe a nice glass of good wine and a delicious dessert to top it all off? You were invited last time, and now you’d like to return the favour. But what if you don’t know what kind of menu to cook and whether you can prepare everything in time? It doesn’t matter whether you love to cook and do it all the time, or if you only cook occasionally – in our post, we’ll show you how to prepare delicious meals without stress and still spend a lot of time with your guests.

Wow your guests
You probably know the feeling: you’d like to invite guests for a meal and impress them with your cooking skills. But you don’t want to spend the entire time in the kitchen leaving your guests to entertain themselves, nor do you want to appear stressed all evening. And it would be a shame if the expensive fillet ended up overdone or the vegetables were overcooked because you didn’t get your timings quite right.

«Vacuisine» is the magic word
With sous vide, known as Vacuisine at V-ZUG, you can prepare in peace, have plenty of time for your guests and enjoy Michelin-star-standard food. This method involves cooking food slowly at low temperatures in vacuum-sealed bags – while you look after your guests. What has long been the domain of professional chefs is now easy to recreate in your own home – for a unique taste experience at Michelin-star level.


The perfect host – impress your guests blog vzug

Sous vide, known as Vacuisine at V-ZUG: vacuum-sealed cooking. Sous-vide (French for ≪under vacuum≫, composed of the words sous = under and vide = empty) refers to a cooking method for meat, fish, fruit and vegetables in a vacuum-sealed bag at low temperatures.

Indulge and enjoy
Vacuisine is perfect for a relaxed evening with friends. It lets you indulge your guests with professional-standard cooking, but with none of the complications or chaos. That’s because it lets you prepare numerous dishes in an ideal way. Vacuisine keeps you flexible: meat, for example, can be vacuum-sealed hours beforehand and then simply placed in the combi-steam cooker before your guests arrive.

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Totally relaxed
As soon as the meat has reached the desired food probe temperature, it is ready to serve. But maybe that’s the moment when your guests’ conversation is in full flow and you’re hesitant to break up the convivial atmosphere. Never fear! You can simply leave the meat for up to an hour longer in the combi-steam cooker, relax, and stay with your guests.

blog v zug Fillet of beef with grilled onion and pea purée

Fillet of beef with grilled onion and pea purée

Vacuisine explained simply

What makes Vacuisine so revolutionary?
When ingredients are vacuum-sealed, the food is protected by a tight plastic film. This protective film perfectly preserves the natural flavour and attractive colour of the steam-prepared food. As well as being a treat for the senses, Vacuisine is also good for the health. Gentle cooking under a vacuum helps to preserve the nutritious properties of the food. Vacuum cooking has a positive effect on texture too: fish cooked using this method does not fall apart, and even fruit largely retains its crunchy freshness. The Vacuisine method prepares food at low temperatures, achieving a level of tenderness for meat and fish that would be difficult to attain with conventional cooking techniques.

How Vacuisine works – it’s simple

•    Wash food, prepare and cut into desired shape if required
•    If required, sear the meat briefly
•    Place food into vacuum bag
•    Add a little oil, bouillon, fresh herbs, spices or other ingredients according to taste
•    Extract the air and seal the bag
•    Cook the food using the combi-steam cooker in a vacuum-sealed bag according to the cooking chart
•    Open the bag, plate up the food and serve

What do you need for Vacuisine?

Combi-steam cooker: the perfect assistant

MSLQ Steam blog vzug

V-ZUG steam cooker with high-quality design

Cooking under a vacuum requires constant, precise temperature control. With Vacuisine, this is not achieved in a water bath, but in steam. The modern technology of the V-ZUG combi-steam cooker makes it possible to set the steam temperature precisely and maintain it throughout the entire cooking process.

More information about the combi-steam cooker

Vacuum drawer: the perfect accessory

Vacuum drawer blog vzug

V-ZUG offers the ideal appliance for vacuum-packing too: The vacuum drawer
that goes with the combi-steam cooker allows you to seal your food in airtight packs at three predefined vacuum-sealing levels – either for sous vide cooking in the combi-steam cooker or for storing in the fridge or freezer compartment.

Fruit, vegetables, meat and even liquids can be vacuum-packed with the V-ZUG vacuum drawer

Vacuum-packing – all you have to do is:

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More information about the vacuum drawer

What makes a perfect host? Our interview with the experts

Vacuisine allows you to cook and enjoy Michelin-star-standard food in your very own home. But you need more than just great food to be the perfect host. Franziska Bründler and Simone Müller-Staubli, who host the 9×9-Dinner events in Lucerne, Switzerland, know exactly what it takes. We met the two hosts for an interview.

x9 Gastgeberei Luzern blog vzug Steamer

What makes a perfect host?
If you show happiness, passion and warmth, then that alone will go a long way to making you a fantastic host. It doesn’t matter whether you have the most expensive dishes or are just cooking a plate of spaghetti – guests should get the sense that you’re making an effort for them and that you are enjoying having friends round for a visit. A carefully decorated table or a creatively crafted plate will show your guests attention to detail.


How important is good preparation?
A well-prepared host will definitely enjoy an evening much more than someone who hasn’t thought ahead or prepared in advance. It starts with the simple things: It’s worth counting out the plates in advance, for example, or preparing herbs for decoration.
Being the perfect host means enjoying your guests’ company and spending as much time as possible with them.

How important is time management?
Timing is always a big challenge and needs to be taken into special consideration when planning the menu. It might be worth drawing up a list of what needs to be done and at what time.

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How does Vacuisine help you?
With Vacuisine, you can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and don’t have to interrupt pre-dinner drinks just when things are getting interesting – making everything much easier and more relaxed from a cooking and hosting perspective.
Sous vide is our favourite cooking technique at the moment. The technique known as «reverse cooking» really makes the most of a nice piece of meat and creates perfectly tender results.

«Being the perfect host means enjoying your guests’ company and spending as much time as possible with them. »

How can you ensure perfect presentation?
First impressions count and are the icing on the cake. Whether it is a nicely decorated table or the trimmings on the dishes – your guests will appreciate the attention to detail.

Do you have any other hosting tips that you would like to share with our readers?
A great host not only prepares an immaculate meal and table – they know that they need to pay attention to other details around the home too. Guest towels in the bathroom, for example, are a nice gesture.
But be careful: don’t overdo it. After all, you want them to invite you back in future. Indulge your guests, but be careful not to intimidate them.

Thank you very much for the insightful interview!


Tip: Oshibori towels (hot towels) are also very popular among guests. These can be offered before or after a meal, so guests can clean or freshen up their hands or face. Available here.

All of this is possible with Vacuisine – and more

With Vacuisine, you can prepare many delicious recipes: starters, main courses with fish or meat, and delicious desserts.

An evening with Vacuisine could look something like this:

The step-by-step videos show you how easy it is to prepare these menus:


Beetroot with white grapes and mesclun salad
Confit Asian-style salmon with rapeseed oil foam and avocadomashed potato
Fillet of beef with grilled onion and pea purée
Pineapple with coconut caramel, raspberries and vanilla ice-cream



Would you like to hone your results with meat cooked to perfection? This is easily done with the food probe and pads. Find more information here.









Questions? More information?

Do you have any questions about Vacuisine? Would you like to receive some personal advice about the advantages of the vacuum drawer and the steam cooker? Then visit one of our ZUGORAMA exhibition centres and get a consultation without obligation. Overview of ZUGORAMA

Vacuisine cookery course
Would you like to learn the art of Vacuisine from our professionals and sample various culinary treats? Now you can register for a Vacuisine cookery course near you. More information

NEW: Vacuisine cookbook with many exclusive recipes
Keen to find out more about Vacuisine? In our new «Vacuisine» cookbook, we dive into the world of sous vide cooking and give you inspiring, exclusive recipes and fascinating interviews from our top chefs. Available in our accessories shop



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