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Expert discussion – Intelligent hob

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The new FullFlex induction hob automatically recognizes pots and pans regardless of where they are placed. Daniel Kinek, Product Manager Hobs, explains what’s behind this ingenious technology.

Parole d'expert plaque de cuisson futée Fullflex plaque à induktion blogvzug

Daniel Kinek, Product Manager Induction hob V-ZUG AG

There are no more clearly defined cooking zones on the FullFlex hob. I can place pots and pans wherever I like – how does this impressive technology work?
Daniel Kinek: The principle is actually quite simple: There are 48 inductor coils under the glass ceramic plate. The system sends several impulses per second through all the inductor coils and measures the electricity flowing through them. Wherever a pan is located, a change in the voltage curve is recognized.

Are all the inductor coils covered by the pan then automatically activated? Yes, if at least 70% of an inductor coil is covered.

And if only half of it is covered? Then the inductor does not switch on for safety reasons. We don’t want an excessive amount of induction radiation to be lost next to the pan.

Induction Hob Fullflex expert discussion blog.vzug.com

Do you enjoy having unlimited flexibility? If so, you’ll love the induction hob, as it does away entirely with specified cooking zones. Thanks to its 48 state-of-the-art inductors, it is able to automatically detect the position and size of the cookware used

When I cook, something always spills over the side. How does the system react if something is spilled?

Liquids are not recognized by the inductor coils as they are not magnetic. However, the display may behave differently, this can lead to an incorrect entry.

What other factors can lead to confusion?

Yes, when pots and pans are placed too close to each other, for example. The hob is intelligent enough to operate up to six pots and pans simultaneously. And you can even move a pan. But if you move two pans at the same time, you over-tax the very intelligent hob.

Do the inductor coils recognize all pots and pans?

Yes, provided that the pots and pans are suitable for induction hobs. Of course there are quality differences in terms of the cookware.

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How do you control the individual cooking zones once the hob has recognized them?

The cooking zones are displayed proportionately and clearly as rings on the 7-inch colour display. This shows the power level, the condition and the cooking control.

Can the Teppan Yaki plate be used on the FullFlex?

Yes, certainly, our appliance automatically recognizes a Teppan Yaki plate and is the only one on the market that does. The plate can even be divided into two cooking zones. But that’s not the only highlight: With the Professional Mode, the hob regulates the power level if you move a pot towards the back. This is cooking at a really high level with optimum comfort.

Thank you for the interview!


An unparalleled cooking experience with FullFlex

Thanks to its 48 state-of-the-art inductors, it is able to automatically detect the position and size of the cookware used. As a result, you can place up to six pans anywhere you like on the glass ceramic plate.

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