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V-ZUG AG Unimatic Blerim Memeti

With care and precision to the Unimatic

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With his affable manner and a good dose of perfectionism, Blerim Memeti has worked as a production employee for Unimatic washing machines for over 14 years. From packing the machines to installing sensitive electronics, the perfectionism of this father-of-two is equally noticeable in every step of the process. Since the first Unimatic came off the production line in 1950, plenty has changed in the production facility, but one thing has stayed the same: people are still at the heart of the manufacturing process, assembling our Unimatics with a great deal of care and precision.

V-ZUG AG Unimatic Blerim Memeti

Every single move requires maximum concentration and constant attention.

The Unimatic appliances are designed for everyday use in apartment blocks or small businesses. They are designed to be robust for exceptional durability. The secret of these top-quality appliances lies in the production method: “Unlike on an assembly line, we move along with our Unimatic machines and carry out each stage on our own. We’re all responsible for our own appliances from start to finish,” says Memeti. He enjoys the independence which this allows him to demonstrate and the flexible way of working. It is challenging, but also offers variety and motivates him to deliver excellence: “If an error is spotted in an appliance during the final check, I know I’m responsible. I look closely at how it could have occurred to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

“We’re all responsible for our own appliances from start to finish.”

From starting off through to packing, Blerim Memeti takes around 40 minutes per appliance – meaning that he produces an average of 11 to 12 Unimatic washing machines each working day. That is tough and requires his full attention at all times: “I concentrate 100 percent on each new appliance,” says Memeti. He wants every machine to meet the highest quality standards. And that is what distinguishes the Unimatic machines in his opinion: “Automation is definitely very helpful when it comes to manufacturing household appliances. But only human care can guarantee perfection and therefore high quality.”

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V-ZUG AG Unimatic Blerim Memeti

Blerim Memeti takes around 40 minutes per appliance

To replenish his energy and have the focus he needs to work on each individual Unimatic, Blerim Memeti enjoys a laugh with his colleagues during his breaks: “A lot of different nationalities and people come together here, which I like. It makes the social interaction interesting as well as the work.”

“We all look out for each other here – almost like a big family.”

V-ZUG AG Unimatic Blerim Memeti

Blerim Memeti, perfectionist and production employee

The friendly atmosphere and working conditions are what the 38-year-old appreciates about his place of work. He knows that he can approach his line manager or colleagues if he ever has any worries or problems. “We all look out for each other here – almost like a big family.”

Family is also important to Blerim Memeti in his private life. At home he enjoys spending time with his two children and also does his share of the housework. For the laundry, he has a Unimatic of course. The aspect that he appreciates when doing the washing is what motivates him in his work: “Our Unimatic has been running perfectly for years and always delivers clean results.” He is proud to work on a product that promises quality and is built to last.

While his reliable Unimatic takes care of the washing, he enjoys getting out and about with his children: “I like spending my free time with my family best – whether at the playground, playing pool or bowling,” says Memeti.

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