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V-ZUG energyday19 Gold Partner

energyday19 – assuming responsibility

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Switzerland is a model student when it comes to energy production: over 60% of its energy comes from renewable sources. We are taking this as our role model and, as a Swiss industrial company, energetically championing the protection of our resources. So this year, we are once again getting involved in energyday, the national energy-saving day, as a gold partner.

Heating energy and electrical energy are the forms of energy that people most commonly use. And household appliances make up a significant proportion of our daily energy consumption. As a manufacturer of household appliances, we are well aware of our responsibility and are therefore investing heavily in developing and manufacturing energy-efficient appliances for the kitchen and laundry room.

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V-ZUG Martin auf der Maur energyday19 Gold Partner

Martin auf der Maur, Manager of ZUGORAMA in Zug

But responsibility rests with every single individual and begins when they buy an appliance. Anyone who invests in a cutting-edge appliance saves valuable resources every day, while also going easy on their household budget. But what role does energy efficiency actually play in our purchasing decisions? Does it come top of the list for you? Or do you just take it for granted?

In a video interview with Martin auf der Maur, Manager of ZUGORAMA in Zug, you can find out what place energy efficiency has in sales advice, and discover some simple hints and tips even you can use to save money.

“Energy efficiency is an important subject for customers. So energy-saving appliances are to some extent taken for granted by consumers.”

Martin auf der Maur

Some really simple energy-saving hints and tips from Martin auf der Maur

V-ZUG Martin auf der Maur energyday19 Gold Partner

  • Always keep your fridge well stocked – the mass stores the cold
  • Set your fridge to 5 or 6 degrees – that’s cold enough
  • Always run your dishwasher with a full load, or otherwise use the part load setting
  • Use the EcoManagement option on eco-friendly appliances

Not only do we ensure our appliances don’t use too much energy – we attach great importance to using other resources carefully too. From now on, you no longer need to worry about how much liquid washing detergent to use. If desired, our AdoraWash V4000 with OptiDos automatically dispenses the ideal amount. With OptiDos you avoid the risk of overdosing, which harms the environment and also means you use too much detergent per wash cycle. What’s more, overdosing triggers additional rinse cycles in order to wash out the residual detergent. This consumes not only more water, but also more energy as the duration of the wash is increased.

V-ZUG is Gold Partner of #energyday19

V-ZUG energyday19 Gold Partner

To the official energyday.ch website

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